>Buncha Commies Corner: Your resident blogger on his feet again as reds prepare to re-invade USA

>Your resident blogger got bit by a nasty flu bug. In recovery phase. Hope to resume posts this week.

Pictured here: Personal trainer turned actor Michael Knight, starring as Colonel Ivanoff in the re-make of the iconic anti-communist movie Red Dawn, takes a coffee break in the streets of post-invasion Detroit. This time, the Russian invaders receive a lot of help from Red China’s People’s Liberation Army, which was oddly at war with the Soviets in the original film. BTW, those are PLA propaganda banners hanging from the streetlights.

Nearly five years of Sino-Russian military exercises, which were unheard of during the Cold War’s fake Sino-Soviet split, and a renewed Russian presence in Latin America lend credence to this cinematic scenario. Incidentally, the re-tooled version of John Milius’ film will hit the screens several months after Russia and the PRC carry out Peace Mission 2010 in Kazakhstan.

Is reality catching up with fiction?

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