>WW4 File: Colombian DM says “Risk of foreign aggression,” activates 6 air battalions, builds new army base near Venezuelan border

>– Chavez and Putin Hold Christmas Eve Telephone Conversation, Discuss Arrival in Venezuela of “Machinery and Equipment from Russia” (90-Plus T-72 Main Battle Tanks to Be Hurled at Colombia?)

– Chavez Justifies His Own Aggression: 1) Accuses USA of Sending Unmanned Spy Plane over Venezuelan Military Base, 2) “Exposes” US-Colombian Plot to Set Up and Attack a Fake FARC Camp on Venezuelan Soil, 3) Denounces Netherlands for Hosting US Counter-Narcotics Personnel in Leeward Antilles, 4) Declares “Obama Illusion Has Finished”

Let’s face reality, folks, since the Obama White House refuses to acknowledge the obvious: armed for bear by the Soviet Bear, Venezuela’s communist dictator Hugo Chavez has flipped his lid and is swaggering into an armed confrontation with US ally Colombia. Meanwhile, as South America teeters on the verge of the region’s worst-ever war, the North American shopping mall regime staggers along in a decades-old strategic sleepwalk.

On December 20, in an interview with El Tiempo, Colombia’s Defense Minister Gabriel Silva warned that there was a “growing risk” of a foreign state taking military action against Colombia, an obvious reference to neighboring Venezuela. “In Colombia we have concentrated on the internal threat,” explained Silva, adding:

But the risk is growing because what has been clearly and directly presented, is an eventual action against Colombia from outside. Colombia was not used to thinking about this eventuality in its foreign policy and defence strategy. Unfortunately now we have to put this variable on the map. There is a risk of a foreign aggression.

The previous day Silva announced that the Colombian military will build a new base on the Guajira peninsula, near the border city of Nazaret. The facility will accommodate 1,000 troops. “It is a strategic point from a defence point of view,” Silva admitted. Meanwhile, as we reported in November, General Oscar Gonzalez, commander of the Colombian Army, has acknowledged that six air battalions have been activated, including two on the border with Venezuela. At the time Chavez deployed 15,000 National Guard troops along the Colombian border, ostensibly to disrupt the flow of cocaine into Venezuela, but in reality to no doubt facilitate that traffic in collusion with his ideological comrades in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

For his part, Chavez fulminated during his weekly rant-in, Alo Presidente: “We are not preparing any aggression against Colombia or against anybody,” he protested in response to Silva’s admonition, but added this warning: “Believe me, bourgeois of Colombia, if you hurt Venezuela you’ll regret it. We are not unarmed. We do not have our arms crossed.” On December 20 drug lord Chavez condemned the Netherlands for allowing US counter-narcotics personnel access to airbases in self-governing Aruba and Curacao, Dutch-owned islands near Venezuela’s Caribbean coast. He also accused Washington of sending unmanned aerial drones from Colombia to spy on a Venezuelan military base and threatened to shoot down the aircraft. Silva laughed off Chavez’s accusation, suggesting that “perhaps Venezuelan soldiers saw Santa’s sleigh instead.”

So now in Chavez’s feverish imagination three countries are arrayed against Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution: USA, Colombia, and the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, Chavez continues to receive his orders from Moscow. On Christmas Eve he held a telephone conversation with his KGB handler, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. “Putin and Chavez discussed various issues of bilateral trade and economic relations, including several aspects of Russian-Venezuelan interaction in the energy sphere, as well as in the sphere of supplies of machinery and equipment from Russia,” the Kremlin press service intoned blandly. Itar-Tass also reported: “Putin and Chavez coordinated a schedule for bilateral contacts in early 2010 and exchanged congratulations on the coming Christmas and New Year.” We rather suspect that the “machinery and equipment” that Chavez is expecting from Russia contains a shipment of 90-odd T-72 main battle tanks that the Venezuelan military intends to hurl against Colombia.

Buoyed by his conversation with Russia’s KGB-communist dictator, on Monday Chavez hurled yet another provocation at Colombia and the USA, this time accusing the two allies of plotting to set up and attack a fake FARC camp on Venezuelan territory. “We have evidence that the Colombian government, instructed and supported, or rather directed by the United States, is preparing a ‘false positive,’” the Venezuelan president ranted during a televised speech to troops based in the western border state of Zulia. Chavez then denied Colombian counter-accusations that have portrayed him as “being in cahoots” with the FARC guerrillas:

It’s feasible the neighbouring country could build a makeshift camp in a remote location, then plant corpses and guns to make it look like a rebel camp had been discovered. The verbal war against Venezuela began weeks ago, saying that we have I don’t know how many guerrilla chiefs hidden here … that in Venezuela there are rebel camps protected by the Venezuelan government, which is absolutely false.

They are preparing the terrain to attack Venezuelan territory, simulating an encampment.

Chavez, pictured above, addressed troops at Fort Mara where, he insisted, a group of soldiers reportedly spotted the unmanned spy plane mentioned above. Soldiers who stood facing Chavez displayed some of the weapons that Caracas has recently bought from Moscow, including shoulder-fired Igla-S surface-to-air missiles and Dragunov sniper rifles. Referring to the thousands of Igla-S weapons that Venezuela has purchased, Chavez quipped: “They’re defensive weapons. This is like the boxer’s jab.” He also reassured Venezuelan troops that the military will soon receive the Russian-built T-72 main battle tanks, the subject of which Chavez probably raised in his conversation with Putin last week.

In a related story, according to Bogota’s DAS intelligence agency, Colombian authorities have arrested a sixth Venezuelan soldier who illegally crossed the border within the last three months. This time a uniformed sergeant of the Venezuelan National Guard was arrested at a hotel in the Arauca department. The soldier was delivered to Venezuelan authorities at the border. Make link to Colombia Reports

Finally, in spite of their comradely first encounter at the Organization of American States summit in April, Chavez has apparently concluded that US President Barack Hussein Obama can no longer be trusted to reverse his country’s “imperialist legacy.” “Let’s not kid ourselves: the Obama illusion has finished, and the shameless interventionism of the American administration shows that,” wrote Chavez in a New Year’s message that quoted Karl Marx and was carried by the state media. “Obama failed to curb imperialist policies in Afghanistan and Iraq, and tolerates the coup leader in Honduras,” he complained, alluding to his puppet Manuel Zelaya, holed up in the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa since September.

Lamenting the outcome of the Copenhagen Climate Summit, Venezuela’s red tyrant continued: “Those leaving us on the verge of an unimaginable ‘ecocide,’ those who caused climate change, should be forced to accept their responsibilities.” Referring to the 2010 National Assembly vote, which political analysts expect the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela to win, albeit it with a reduced majority, Chavez admitted: “The elections are crucial to the continuation and deepening socialism of the Bolivarian Revolution.”

Chavez’s dismissal of and disdain for the Obama Administration could be a signal that Latin America’s Red Axis, with quiet backing from the Soviet strategists, is ready to move against anti-communist hold-out Colombia.

2 responses to “>WW4 File: Colombian DM says “Risk of foreign aggression,” activates 6 air battalions, builds new army base near Venezuelan border

  1. mah29001 December 30, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    >Indeed it's quite odd that Comrade Hugo decries Colombia as an "imperialist" puppet of the USA, he however is comfortable being an obvious imperialistic puppet of neo-Soviet Russia.Got hypocrisy?

  2. mah29001 December 31, 2009 at 12:59 am

    >I'm likely sure you're not going to believe that much in Chinese astrology which 2010, come Chinese New Year which falls on Valentine's Day next year may indeed bring Latin America to war:http://www.myqualities.com/forecasts/world-forecast-2010.aspAlong with also more economic troubles too. Even if you don't believe this, you may consider this with all the events going on in Latin America of Chavez really wanting war and being aided by the Kremlin for it.If war breaks out in 2010, I'm sure you're so-called "Peace Mom" Cindy Sheehan would probably be shilling for Comrade Hugo, and also people like Noam Chomsky. Anti-war? Only when it's waged by the USA.

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