>Event Convergence Alert: Moscow, Beijing plan summer military drills in Far East Russia, northeast China as DPRK raises tensions on Korean Peninsula

>– Crazy Kim’s Communist Nuthouse Threatens to Blow Up the World

– High-Tech South Korean Destroyer Dispatched to Detect DPRK Missile Launch, Crippled by “Software Glitch” (Computer Virus?)

As if to stick a finger in Washington’s eye, Pyongyang has sentenced two US journalists to 12 years in a labor camp. Charged with illegal entry into North Korea and an unspecified “grave crime,” Laura Ling and Euna Lee have no recourse beyond the Central Court that sentenced them on Monday. In an ABC television interview over the weekend US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls the charges thrown at Ling and Lee “absolutely without merit or foundation.” The former First Lady and US Senator admitted to sending a letter to North Korea’s communist leadership demanding Ling and Lee’s release. Clinton indicated that she has received “responses.”

Pictured above: A not-so-flattering caricature of North Korean head of state Kim Jong Il, from the movie Team America: World Police.

Detained by North Korea authorities on March 17, while filming material for a documentary on North Korean defectors, Ling and Lee work for Current TV. Ironically, the San Francisco-based Internet news outlet was co-founded by Al Gore, Bill Clinton’s vice president. Washington, according to the Korea Times story above, does not rule out the possibility of Gore flying to Pyongyang to negotiate their release. Incidentally, we think that’s an excellent idea. Maybe Comrade Gore, the self-avowed inventor of the Internet and global warming, will decide to take up permanent residence in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

On June 2 Bloomberg reported that Kim Jong Il, North Korea’s de facto head of state, in a significant political move, has named his third son Kim Jong Un as heir. North Korea’s communist leadership has notified its diplomatic offices abroad and is teaching its citizen-slaves a song in praise of the anointed leader. Some intelligence, states an opposition legislator in South Korea, reports that Pyongyang is requiring loyalty oaths to Kim Jong Un. Little is known about the youngest Kim, who is 26 years old and was educated at an international school in Switzerland. Jong Un and older brother Jong Chol have a different mother than the eldest son, Jong Nam. Jong Il succeeded his father, North Korea’s founder Kim Il Sung, as head of the Stalinist country in 1994.

In addition to dynastic maneuvers and “anti-imperialist” provocations, Crazy Kim’s communist nuthouse has imposed a no-travel zone off the east coast of North Korea, that is, in the Sea of Japan, between June 10 and June 30. Two weeks ago Pyongyang imposed a no-travel zone off the country’s west coast, in the Yellow Sea. “We do not know the reason why North Korea has set up the no-navigation zone,” related Japan’s chief cabinet secretary Takeo Kawamura, adding: “We cannot rule out the possibility of North Korea launching missiles including ballistic ones.”

South Korea has deployed an Aegis Combat System-equipped destroyer to its western sea border with the North and vowed last week to send F-15K fighter jets in the event of a maritime clash. Intriguingly, after setting sail the missile-detecting system of Sejong the Great was crippled by a “software glitch” of unknown origin. Incidentally, it is a well-established fact that many “software glitches” (computer viruses) are spawned from covert cyberwarfare units in Russia, China, North Korea, and other Communist Bloc states.

In a related story reported by the AFP news agency, on June 4 a North Korean navy patrol boat crossed into South Korea’s portion of the Yellow Sea. The boat remained there for almost one hour before retreating. A spokesman for the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff suggested that the enemy vessel was apparently chasing Chinese fishing boats, but did not exclude the possibility it was a planned intrusion to raise tensions further. About 70 of some 90 Chinese fishing boats withdrew overnight from the area. The Korean Peninsula’s west coast has been the site of two deadly clashes between the two Korean states in the past 10 years.

The same article, citing the People’s Daily, also reports that on the previous day Chinese President Hu Jintao conversed by telephone with US counterpart Barack Hussein Obama about Pyongyang’s nuclear program. They conversed about bilateral relations and exchanged opinions on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China offered, without giving details.

For the first time, on June 9, in yet another attempt to annoy the world, Crazy Kim’s communist nuthouse threatened to use nuclear weapons in a “merciless offensive” if provoked. The Korean Central News Agency ranted: “Our nuclear deterrent will be a strong defensive means . . . as well as a merciless offensive means to deal a just retaliatory strike to those who touch the country’s dignity and sovereignty even a bit.” I wasn’t aware that North Korea possessed any dignity. As for Pyongyang’s sovereignty, that seems to reside in Moscow or Beijing.

Meanwhile, the Republic of Korea’s political and military leadership are making plans to counter a possible missile attack from the DPRK. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff have submitted to conservative President Lee Myung-bak a scenario in which the South and the USA respond to a communist missile attack by launching joint attacks from surface, air and sea against the North’s missile bases. This past Saturday President Lee warned that his government would neither cower before the DPRK’s provocations nor offer anything less than a strong defense against the North.

Incidentally, the ROK is the real Korea, unlike the illegitimate Stalinist state in the north, created by Soviet fiat in 1945, after the retreat of Imperial Japan’s army (see below). The demilitarized zone between North and South Korea is the most heavily fortified border in the world and a blatant reminder that the Cold War is not over in this part of the world.

The Moscow-Beijing Axis Prepares for Korean War 2

It is doubtful that the Korean Workers’ Party makes any serious decisions without consulting the (secretly ruling) Communist Party of the Russian Federation/Soviet Union and the (openly ruling) Communist Party of China. On June 15, reports Novosti, Chinese President Hu Jintao will visit Russia to attend a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which includes Russia, China, and four “ex”-Soviet Central Asian states. Hu will also rub elbows at the first leaders’ summit of BRIC, an alliance of the world’s four largest emerging economies–Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Both summits will be held in Yekaterinburg, near the Ural Mountains. Hu will confer with President Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the speakers of the State Duma and Federation Council, Boris Gryzlov and Sergei Mironov, respectively.

No doubt the Korean conflict will rank high on the SCO discussion agenda. The BRIC summit will also provide a venue for the Soviets and Red Chinese to plot and scheme. “The development of cooperation between BRIC benefits the four countries as well as contributing to the revival of the world economy,” explains PRC Deputy Foreign Minister He Yafei. He added: “We also share positions on many issues, and the countries’ roles in the world, including in political affairs, is growing.”

Unnoticed by most Western analysts, Russia and the PRC are positioning military assets in China’s northeast region as nearby North Korea escalates political tensions with the South. Pyongyang’s provocations include a nuclear bomb test, the second since 2006, multiple missile launches, and unilateral withdrawal from the 1953 armistice ending the Korean War’s hot phase. It is unlikely that this event convergence is coincidental but, rather, reflects a coordination of tactics and strategy between Moscow, Beijing, and Pyongyang. Indeed, after the DPRK’s underground N-bomb test on May 25, a spokesentity for the Russian Foreign Ministry admitted that Moscow is beefing up security in the region. Although not commonly analyzed as such, the DPRK’s controversial missile and nuclear bomb programs could provide Russia and China with a potential platform to nuke the USA with arms-length plausible deniability.

Last November World Net Daily editor Joseph Farah, citing sources at MI6’s Asian Desk, reported that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) had deployed as many as 100,000 troops along the Yalu River, ostensibly to thwart an exodus of refugees in the event of Kim Jong Il’s death. We were unable to confirm this report with other news agencies but, if true, then the Communist Chinese would have been well-positioned at the time to aid their North Korean comrades in an invasion of the South. At least eight months later, it is not clear if the PLA is still massing along the border with the DPRK. The PLA is the world’s largest army, boasting 2.3 million active personnel, deployed in seven military districts, and more than 800,000 reserves.

On June 8 Novosti reported that the People’s Republic of China will hold a week-long, large-scale “anti-terrorist” exercise dubbed Great Wall 6, which will take place in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Shanxi and Hebei provinces. Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, and Hebei are located in northeast China, near Beijing, although not immediately adjacent to the PRC’s border with the DPRK. Last year, the PRC held similar antiterrorism drills called Great Wall 5 in preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games. Those exercises involved the PLA, civilian and military police, and emergency services.

The relationship between Great Wall 6 and the “large-scale” military exercise Kuayue 2009, reported by Novosti and Xinhua in early May, is not clear. The latter is slated to begin during the second half of this year and will involve 50,000 troops from the Shenyang, Lanzhou, Jinan, and Guangzhou military districts. It should be noted that the Shenyang military district borders the DPRK, while Lanzhou spans north-central and northwest China, Jinan is located in east-central China, and Guangzhou is situated in southeast China. Kuayue 2009 will test the PLA’s command and decision-making capabilities, the interoperability of ground troops and air units in “intense electronic warfare conditions,” and entail airborne assault operations and special forces missions.

Possibly in coordination with Kuayue 2009, the Soviets and the Red Chinese will hold their fourth combined war game, Peace Mission 2009, in Far East Russia and northeast China this summer. The northeast region of the PRC, of course, is near North Korea, while Far East Russia shares a small border with the DPRK. Russian and Chinese military delegations recently met in Khabarovsk to hammer out the details of the joint maneuver. The Vladivostok Times reports:

Maneuvers are planned to be held in July-August of 2009 in three stages. The first one is to be held in Russia, the second and third – in China. Talking to journalists in Khabarovsk, the deputy chief of the Russian Ground Forces General Sergei Antonov noted that almost 1.5 thousand personnel are to take part in the exercise from both parties. From Russia – a motorized rifle battalion, a separate ground cavalry troop and other subdivisions of the Far Eastern military district.

The first two joint Sino-Soviet war games were Peace Mission 2005 and Peace Mission 2007. The two communist superpowers, with little fanfare, held their third combined military exercise Norak Antiterror 2009 in Tajikistan in April. A fifth joint drill, Peace Mission 2010, is slated to take place in Kazakhstan. Political and military coordination between Moscow and Beijing, per the 25-year-old predictions of KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, are occurring under the guise of “anti-terrorist” exercises and under the auspices of the SCO.

Blast from the Past File: North Korea: Moscow’s Baby

The Soviet Union gave birth to the DPRK in August 1945 when Moscow’s occupying forces took over the Korean Peninsula north of the 38th parallel. The Soviet Army established the Soviet Civil Authority to rule over the country. Communists were placed in key posts. Land was confiscated from Japanese owners and Korean collaborationists. Strategic industries were nationalized. In February 1946 a temporary government called the North Korean Provisional People’s Committee was organized under Kim Il Sung, who had trained with Soviet forces in Manchuria. Soviet troops vacated the DPRK in 1948, but Moscow has retained a vested interest in controlling North Korea–and no doubt the whole peninsula–since then.

Two years later, after forcing the Chinese Nationalists to flee for Taiwan, the People’s Liberation Army, with Soviet air support, invaded the Korean Peninsula. There the PLA was repulsed by US, Canadian, and allied troops under United Nations command. On October 8, 1950, the day after US troops crossed the 38th parallel, Chairman Mao Zedong issued the order to organize the People’s Volunteer Army (PVA). Seventy percent of the soldiers in the PVA were regulars from the PLA. Mao ordered the PVA/PLA to move to the Yalu River, in preparation for an invasion. Earlier that year, on June 27, President Harry Truman, fearing a two-pronged communist invasion, ordered the US Navy’s 7th Fleet to protect the Republic of China on Taiwan.

On October 15, Truman flew to Wake Island where he met General Douglas MacArthur, who estimated that the Chinese had mustered 300,000 soldiers in Manchuria, with between 100,000 and 125,000 men hard along the Yalu River. For his part, Mao cabled an urgent telegram to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin: “If we allow the United States to occupy all of Korea, Korean revolutionary power will suffer a fundamental defeat, and the American invaders will run more rampant, and have negative effects for the entire Far East.” Soviet assistance was limited to providing air support no nearer than 60 miles from the battlefront. The Soviet pilots disguised their MiG-15s under the colors of the PRC and posed a serious challenge to UN pilots. The Korean War was the first in history where both sides employed jet-powered combat aircraft.

In late November 1950 the Red Chinese struck in the west, along the Chongchon River, overwhelming several South Korean divisions and crushing the flank of the remaining UN forces. Seoul was deserted and captured by communist troops on January 4, 1951, only to be recaptured by the US Eighth Army on March 7, the fourth time in a year the city had changed hands.

In April 1951 the Red Chinese launched their Fifth Phase Offensive, fielding an enormous 700,000 troops in three armies. UN forces resisted the communist offensive at the Imjin River and Kapyong, halting the PVA/PLA at a defensive line north of Seoul, referred to as the No-Name Line. A final communist offensive in the eastern part of the peninsula was halted on May 20. The US Eighth Army counterattacked and by the end of May had regained Line Kansas. The UN’s decision to stop at that line, just north of the 38th parallel, and to refrain from offensive action deeper into North Korea initiated a stalemate that characterized the conflict until the 1953 armistice. The rest, as they say, is history.

The Republic of China Armed Forces Simulates PLA Invasion

As Moscow and Beijing urge the UN to refrain from imposing more sanctions upon their client state North Korea, the Republic of China—the real China, otherwise known as Taiwan—and India are preparing for the eventuality of war with the PRC. On June 5, reports the APF news agency, ROC brass held a “virtual military exercise” that simulated an invasion of the island by 200,000 Communist Chinese troops. The drill, which was part of the annual Han Kuang war games, was executed entirely on computers in a Taipei military command center. President Ma Ying-jeou was in attendance. A scenario in which the PLA attempts to seize Taiwan’s leaders was scrapped from this year’s drill because of the improvement in cross-strait relations since Ma took office in May 2008. Beijing has repeatedly threatened to invade the island should Taipei declare formal independence.

India to Deploy New Russian-Built Fighter Jets, Additional 60,000 Troops along Eastern Sector of Indo-Chinese Border

On June 9 the Times of India related that Red Chinese military incursions into India rose “sharply” in 2008, with 270 violations recorded in the western, middle, and eastern border sectors. During the first five months of 2009, the PLA appears to have backed off somewhat, with a little over 60 violations occurring thus far. The brunt of “aggressive patrolling” by the Red Chinese has been witnessed in Ladakh, a region in India’s northwest Jammu and Kashmir state.

However, Chinese troops have also illegally strayed into Arunachal Pradesh which is located in India’s northeast. Beijing claims territory in this Indian state and thus the PLA incursions here have attracted greater attention in the Indian media. On June 6 the governor of Arunachal Pradesh, former chief of army staff General J.J. Singh, announced that two more army divisions consisting of 25,000 to 30,000 personnel each will be deployed along the Sino-Indian border in Arunachal Pradesh within a few years.

With the first squadrons of advanced Russian-built Sukhoi-30MKI fighter jets ready for forward deployment in the state of Assam, which is just to the south of Arunachal Pradesh, the Indian government, the Times of India admits, “is slowly responding to the uncertainties of Chinese intentions, by enhancing its state of preparedness in the area.” According to former air force chief Fali Homi Major, India will deploy a full squadron of these fighter jets in the eastern sector of the Sino-Indian border.

That the Communist Party of China is still committed to exporting Maoist revolution throughout southern Asia, including through India’s Naxalite rebels, is evident from a 2005 statement by CPC cadre Zhang Zheng at the MaoFlag website: “The Indian Government cannot succeed in suppressing the armed revolution of India’s Maoists” (quoted by South Asia Analysis Group, May 10, 2005).

Therefore, in spite of expanding bilateral commercial relations and even joint military drills, as well as India’s observer status in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, political tensions between New Delhi and Beijing continue to fester. India and the PRC fought a Himalayan border war in 1962. Last month, India’s incumbent air force chief admitted that the country faces a greater threat from China than Pakistan because “New Delhi knows little about Beijing’s combat capabilities.” A war between India and China, two countries that have split the atom, could conceivably escalate into nuclear warfare.

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  1. mah29001 June 10, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    >Sounds like the drums of war are beating in Asia as the Communist bloc eyes on incircling the remaining non-Communist countries there.

  2. mah29001 June 11, 2009 at 3:45 am

    >It seems that advance South Korean high-tech vessel was likely sabotaged by hackers.As for Communist China being a greater threat to India than Pakistan. It's possible that the Red Chinese have likely infiltrated the Pakistani ISI, and are using their bought out operatives to train Indian Naxalite terrorists, and other brutal terrorist movements.

  3. mah29001 June 12, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    >I should also note the Communist front group North American Committee Against Zionism And Imperialism (NACAZAI) made up of Western supporters of Crazy Kim just endorsed the Arkansas shooting Jihadi.The Arkansas shooter was trained and radicalized in Yemen with likely help from Western Communist fronts whom probably sent him to Yemen under the guise of "exploring Islam".

  4. mah29001 June 13, 2009 at 2:25 am

    >You may want to do a EU/Asia File blog entry. There have been some recent elections in Lebanon and also a possible election scandal in Iran where a battle is brewing between Islamo-Nazi hardliners supporting Mahmoud "Iwannajihad" Ahmadinejad and their more "moderate" Islamo-Marxist counterparts both claiming a win in Iran's recent election.Aside from that, the European Union elections have exposed that the EU is now leaning Right.

  5. mah29001 June 13, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    >I have also heard those two American journalists (hardly spies at all) may be used as bargaining chips by Crazy Kim to get more conessions from the USA.Seems like Obama's following the same path as his predecessor did. Something which Crazy Kim has really hoped the right change would come.

  6. mah29001 June 14, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    >You might want to look up the info of the computer game titled Shattered Union. It's a hypothetical scenario of the USA splitting itself up into different regions right after a nuclear terrorist attack stricks Washington D.C.I wonder, could a real life scenario be in the works of a WMD style 9/11 attack that could possibly instigate a civil war? Recently, Faux Rightist Ron Paul has promoted seccessionism to be very American, along with also Leftist-Marxist shills at Counterpunch.org being connectted with openly left-wing seccessionist groups such as the Second Vermont Republic.I wonder, could this be a way to also squash any possible anti-Communist insurgency groups that could form in a possible invasion by the Communist bloc in a Red Dawn-style scenario?The Faux Rightist Georgian state-based Creator's Rights Party, led by Army of God "activist" Neal Horsley once stated that it would welcome a nuclear 9/11 as a way for Georgia to secede from the union. Scary to think of it, that something like this could happen in the USA. But Obama's Weimarization of the USA makes it even moreso possible this could happen.

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