>USSR2 File: Communist Party of the Russian Federation, other reds, Islamists unite under banner of Left Front to oust potemkin Putinist regime

>This past October an important political development occurred in Russia in which the openly communist forces of that country, with Gennady Zyuganov’s Communist Party of the Russian Federation at the helm, organized under the banner of the Left Front. The main objective of the Left Front is to oust the potemkin Putinist regime, which in any case is staffed by individuals who began their careers in the old Soviet regime, and openly re-implement Marxism in Russia and the Not-So-Former Soviet republics. The current global financial crisis, which has also adversely affected the Russian economy, will provide overt communists like Zyuganov and August 1991 coup mastermind Oleg Shenin with considerable ammunition to leverage some sort of coup in Moscow, whether by bullets or ballots.

The Red Youth Vanguard (AKM), which is affiliated with Shenin’s faction of the continuing Communist Party of the Soviet Union, occupies the Left Front’s leadership. According to AKM leader Sergey Udaltsov: “The Left Front will unite the majority of healthy, progressive, energetic, and, for the most part, young, left-wing forces of Russia. We finally agreed on combined actions, and agreed to reject ambitions, and ignore offences and ideological differences and act together.” Last month Udaltsov and other AKM thugs were arrested outside the Greek embassy in Moscow, where they were expressing solidarity with the communist-inspired riots that rocked Greece following the shooting death by police of an Athens teenager. AKM was formerly part of the Other Russia coalition, of which chess champion Garry Kasparov was the most internationally recognizable leader. Pictured above: Udaltsov in past confrontation with Russian police.

According to State Duma Deputy Ilya Ponomarev, an “ex”-communist who represents the supposedly pro-Putin Just Russia party, “In the current situation of crisis, the purpose of the Left Front is the creation of a new society. We must interrupt the capitalist set-up.”

In a not-very-surprising development Russia’s Islamist groups are also involved in the Left Front. The banned National Bolsheviks also joined the new umbrella organization for Russia’s leftists. The article below was published at the English site of Prima News, the publication of the Moscow Human Rights News Agency, but is no longer accessible. A copy can be found here.

Pictured below, from left to right: The leaders of the constituent congress of the All-Russian Movement Left Front, including Islamic Committee of Russia leader Heidar Jemal, Udaltsov, Russian Communist Party-Communist Party of the Soviet Union leader Alexei Prigarin, Krasnodar journalist and Russian Communist Party activist Olga Ivanova, and Ponomarev.

Left Front of Russia founded
21.10.2008 19:55 MSK

RUSSIA, Moscow. A new oppositional movement has been founded in Russia – The Left Front. On October 18, in Moscow at the Izmailov Hotel Complex, a Constitutive Congress was held, where 143 delegates from 32 regions of the Federation were gathered, reported the Organizing Committee of the Left Front (LF) on October 19.

The following organizations participated in the work of the congress: the Advance Guard of Red Youth (AKM), the Russian Communist Party-CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) (RKP-CPSU), the Union of Communist Youth (SKM), the Russian Young Communist League (RKSM), Russian Communist Working Party-Revolutionary Party of Communists (RKRP-RPK), Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (VKPB), the movement “Working Russia”, the Associations of Marxist Organizations, the Islamic Committee [of Russia], the National Bolsheviks, and anarchists and activists of other social movements.

At the congress, members of the Organizing Committee of the Left Front spoke, including Aleksey Prigarin, Ilya Ponomarev, Sergey Udaltsov, Aleksey Sakhnin, Gemal Dzhemalya, Constantine Bakulev, Dmitriy Galkin, and Karin Kleman, and then the session took place.

According to AKM leader Sergey Udaltsov, the Left Front will unite “the majority of healthy, progressive, energetic, and, for the most part, young, left-wing forces of Russia. We finally agreed on combined actions, and agreed to reject ambitions, and ignore offences and ideological differences and act together”.

According to Gosduma Deputy Ilya Ponomarev, in the current situation of crisis, the purpose of the Left Front is the creation of a new society. “We must interrupt the capitalist set-up”, added Ponomarev. He also stated that all left-wing organizations are regarded as allies of the newly created movement.

RKP-CPSU leader Aleksey Prigarin stated that a new type of party can be created on the basis of the Left Front: a party that is “flexible and capable of both decisive action and of propagandistic work”.

In the opinion of the Chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia, and member of the Organizing Committee, Gemal Dzhemalya, in modern Russia “…there is a vacuum of political space; authority has been usurped by the bureaucracy”. Left-wing organizations are attempting to fill this vacuum and expect to overcome the bureaucratic heritage. National minorities, says Gemal, are forced to resist political persecution, and this is possible only through the left platform.

Director of the “Collective Action” Institute and member of the Organizing Committee of the Left Front, Karin Kleman, spoke about the role of social movements. She focused attention on the current politicization of these movements and named values general to all social activists: self-organizing, self-guidance, social justice, and public control over authority.

The following documents were accepted at the congress: a political platform and the Organizational Principles, Strategy, and the Tactics of the Left Front, which will be published after modification by the editorial commission. The congress also affirmed symbols of the movement – the flag and emblem. Leadership of the Left Front will be governed by a council which consists of more than 50 people, and an executive committee will guide coordination of activities. LF members are leaders of organizations which joined the Left Front, and representatives of regional departments of the LF. The Congress of the Left Front passed without the incident, in spite of strict control by the police, noted the LF communication.

Translated by OM Kenney PRIMA-News Agency [2008-10-20-Rus-19]

9 responses to “>USSR2 File: Communist Party of the Russian Federation, other reds, Islamists unite under banner of Left Front to oust potemkin Putinist regime

  1. mah29001 January 30, 2009 at 10:43 pm

    >It seems like Soviet strategists are giving commands to their boy Putin on just what to do. Make him seem like some sort of a “Capitalist” in spite of his old KGB backgrounds and his friendliness to Latin America’s Red Axis.Then rise above, and retake command to have Russia being openly under the hammer and sickle. You may also want to look at the ongoing riots in France and also the protests in the USA. Leftist unions, dare say are wearing their favorite color-red in many of these rallies.

  2. J. Adams January 31, 2009 at 6:12 am

    >Do you really think there are spontaneous, uncontrolled ‘opposition movements’ in Moscow?Please.It’s all just a show.The key question is: What is the Kremlin’s underlying objective?

  3. Perilous Times January 31, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    >I believe the “opposition” in Russia is all under varying degrees of central control. Those elements that become too “independent” can be disappeared or terminated (name any “independent” Russian journalist). PT

  4. mah29001 January 31, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    >Perious,You may also want to look what European Union leaders such as Gordon Brown are saying about how to “solve” the economic crisis.It’s about promoting Marxist redistribution to less wealthier nations whom are suffering more. In other words, the wealthier nations are being involved in the push for a one world government, via bailout the nations whom are not as wealthy.I say it’s best for ALL nations to not have so much government intervention and have their economies fix themselves instead of something like that. Also, there’s reports that Robert Mugabe, paleo-Communist dictator of Zimbabwe changed the currency of the country.Seems like nations whom are suffering a heavy economic crisis, may well do that. Yet they’d just keep on inflating the new currency, until our currency are rocks, pebbles and clams.

  5. Rokin07 February 1, 2009 at 8:21 am

    >kremlin objective is simple-overthrow putin regime and then allow putin to resurface under the guise of communism.putins approval rating is 83%.so if they manage to do this people will be only happy to be under a communist putin regime in future.middle east war can flare up if iran nuke israel.under this guise russia and china red empire (gog and magog) will conquer most of europe,asia,africa etc.Who will oppose.bible speaks in ezekiel of sheba,dedan,tarshish and its young lions-basically arab gulf,ethiopia,spain,england,and americas(young lions).also it predicts defeat of gog and magog in the mountains of israel.

  6. mah29001 February 1, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    >You may also want to look at Latin America, and the economic crisis going on in Mexico.Members of the Communist front group-Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca, have been involved in agitating Mexican farmers, and unions to protest the Faux Rightist Mexican government. This with ongoing protests in Switerland, by avowed “anti”-globalist activists and groups.

  7. mah29001 February 2, 2009 at 5:37 pm

    >Perilous,Feel free to use the article that’s on display on my Zionist Anti-Communist blog, of Faux Rightist French President Nicolas Sarkozy being accused of acting like a monarch.Fits well with the “End Times” proposition of making Sarkozy the arch anti-Christ.

  8. Perilous Times February 2, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    >Thanks for the info on Sarko! PT

  9. mah29001 February 2, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    >Feel free to also take the photo on my blog I have display, painting Sarko as the new Napoleon. Even the BBC and the Independent, both British publications have refered Sarkozy as the new Napoleon.I think it’s a mistake French Jews should lobby Sarkozy to do something about the rise of anti-Semitism in France, along with Sarkozy would certainly be trying to exploit union unrest in France as well as if he were openly a Leftist-Marxist President like his former opponent openly was.

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