>WW4 File: Three rockets fired from Lebanon land in N. Israel, IDF returns fire; follows 2 missile salvos on Jan. 8; sirens wail in Jerusalem

>– Hamas Accepts Egypt-Brokered Cease-Fire Deal, Awaits Israel’s Response (While No Doubt Regrouping and Rearming) (source)

– The Australian: Hamas’ Poor Performance in Ground Battles, Lack of Apparent Command Structure May Be Ruse to Disorient, “Trap” IDF (source)

Iranian “Humanitarian” Vessel Makes Second Attempt to Breach Israeli Navy’s Gaza Blockade, Heads for Egyptian Port

While Israeli soldiers engage in house-to-house combat with Hamas terrorists in Gaza City, the Middle East Diplomatic Quartet frets and fumes in Cairo, the Global Islamic Caliphate breathes out Allah’s imprecations against Jews and Christians, and Evo Morale’s red cocaine republic in Bolivia follows Hugo Chavez’s example by severing relations with Israel, this morning Hezbollah, or possibly Palestinian insurgents, lobbed a few more rockets from Lebanon into northern Israel.

“The rockets, fired Wednesday morning,” reports the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, “landed near Kiryat Shemona. No damage or injuries were reported. A fourth Katyusha fell short, landing in Lebanon, Lebanese officials confirmed.” The Isreali Defense Forces returned fire, while residents of northern Israel were ordered to bomb shelters during the attacks and remained near the shelters in case of subsequent attacks.

Pictured above: Smoke rises during Israel’s offensive in the northern Gaza Strip today.

It is apparent that Israel’s enemies are endeavoring to open another front in the 60-year-old Arab-Israeli war, but few political leaders in the West appreciate the fact that Israel, more than any other Western country, is at the vanguard of the War on Terror. “Anything else will be met with the Israeli people’s iron fist,” Ehud Olmert vowed on Monday, speaking from the partly deserted city of Ashkelon, “We will continue to strike with full strength, with full force until there is quiet and rearmament stops.” (See first link above.) Courageous words from Israel’s prime minister, but if Olmert’s mentor, former PM Ariel Sharon had not withdrawn Israeli troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip in 2005, then the Hamas coup d’etat of 2007 and Operation Cast Lead might have been avoided and lives spared.

This morning Hamas fired 16 rockets into southern Israel, missing a kibbutz in the Sdot Negev region. The towns of Ashdod, Ashkelon, Sderot, and Beersheba were also hit. Two Grad rockets also struck the Shfela region, in the central district, while rockets fired in the direction of Jerusalem caused panic among civilians when the missiles activated air raid sirens throughout the city. However, as the Jerusalem Post shows in the graph here, the IDF operation in the Gaza Strip has severely impacted Hamas’ capacity to launch missiles at Israel.

Today, in an interview with Itar-Tass, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni stated: “Israel seeks Russia’s pressure on Syria and Iran to stop their support for Palestine’s Hamas. Israel is interested in informing Hamas that it will gain no recognition through terror, in exerting pressure on Syria and Iran to stop their support for Hamas. There were certain ideas as concerns the monitoring of the borders, but we need effective measures against Hamas and not monitoring alone.” The fact that Jerusalem rightly recognizes that Moscow exerts “pull” with Syria, Iran, and Hamas should be an important consideration in the formulation of any Western country’s Middle East policy.

For months there was speculation that Israel would attack Iran’s nuclear program before Barack Hussein Obama is sworn in as US president on January 20. “We are prepared and ready to do whatever Israel needs us to do and if this is the mission we’re given then we are ready,” Israeli Air Force Commander Ido Nehushtan informed German magazine Der Spiegel in November, “A strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities is a political decision, but if I understand it correctly, all options are on the table … The Air Force is a very robust and flexible force. We are ready to do whatever is demanded of us.” The current Hamas missile assault on Israel, which ramped up again on December 20, when the last cease-fire terminated, may very well have been a Tehran-orchestrated distraction to tie down Israeli political and military leaders.

Today, reports Debkafile, the Israeli Navy turned back an Iranian vessel as the Shahed attempted to again breach the blockade that Israel imposed on Gaza on December 27. The Israelis first intercepted the Shahed on Tuesday, although some official sources deny this incident occurred. The ship then tried to unload its cargo of food, medicines, and clothing at Port Said but was prevented by Egyptian authorities. After the second encounter with the Israeli Navy, the Iranian vessel sailed for the Sinai port of El Arish, where the Egyptians again prevented the Shahed from docking. In view of the terrorist training and weapons that Hamas operatives have received at camps in Iran and Syria, one can only wonder if the Shahed contains more than “humanitarian” cargo.

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  1. mah29001 January 14, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    >I should also note that Kremlin proxy Osama bin Laden has made his comments quite clear on just what a proxy he’s been for the Communist bloc and its Middle Eastern allies.

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