>Breaking News: "Lebanese militants" launch 2nd rocket attack on N. Israel, Home Front Command opens bomb shelters, IDF: Beiruit culpable in attacks

>A northern front in the latest phase of the 60-year-old Middle East war may be opening along the Israeli-Lebanese border. The Israeli media reports that “Lebanese militants” have launched a second barrage of rockets into northern Israel:

Radio and TV stations say air-raid sirens have gone off in two northern towns. There have been no reports of injuries. But the attack follows an earlier salvo on northern Israel. Israeli officials have been concerned that Hezbollah guerrillas may try to open a second front against Israel as it presses on with an offensive in the Gaza Strip. Israel has activated thousands of reserve troops to guard the north and repeatedly warned Hezbollah against attacking.

According to the Jerusalem Post, after the first barrage of Katyusha rockets at communities in the north this morning, the Home Front Command instructed all municipalities there to open bomb shelters, even though, “defense officials carefully assessed that the incident was an isolated case and not indicative of an escalation on the northern border.” In this case, watch what the Israeli government does, not what it says.

The Israeli Defense Forces’ Northern Command also held consultations at this time and announced that “Israel holds the government of Lebanon and the Lebanese armed forces responsible for preventing rocket fire into Israel.” Army representatives insisted that Palestinian terrorists were interested in “dragging Lebanon into a war.” Meanwhile, the Iranian media reports that the Israeli Air Force conducted overflights in southern Lebanon following the initial salvo of missiles.

One response to “>Breaking News: "Lebanese militants" launch 2nd rocket attack on N. Israel, Home Front Command opens bomb shelters, IDF: Beiruit culpable in attacks

  1. mah29001 January 8, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    >Seems like a second front in the war is being purposely waged by Hezbollah and members of the Lebanese Communist Party. The Lebanese Reds even gave support to their Hamas counterparts.You should also check out how Iranian-state run television is promoting revisionism for pro-Palestinian rallies into stating that Israel is “committing” genocide against the Arabs. Even though it’s fighting groups which refuse to recognize its right to exist.

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