>Latin America File: Russian destroyer sails into Havana Bay, navy’s 1st "post"-Cold War visit to Cuba; Medvedev, Ortega refer to other as "comrade"

>Medvedev and Ortega Issue Joint Statement Denouncing US Blockade of Cuba, Interference in Nicaragua’s Internal Matters

Following last month’s joint naval exercise with Venezuela, a first-ever transit of the Panama Canal since the Second World War, and ports of call at Panama City and Bluefields, Nicaragua–all countries under the thumb of communist and allied regimes–the Russian anti-submarine destroyer Admiral Chabanenko sailed into Havana Bay today. “During the Cold War, the Soviet Union had a significant military presence in Cuba,” relates Reuters, “and Soviet warships were a common sight in Havana Bay.” This is the Russian Navy’s first “post”-Cold War visit to Cuba, 90 miles south of Florida, and signals yet another attempt by Moscow to poke a finger in Washington’s eye.

“In public statements, U.S. officials have placed little importance on the Russian naval visit to Latin America,” the same source adds. Dot.gov’s nonchalant response to Kremlin saber-rattling in the Caribbean Basin, however, fails to take into account the dangerous and devious objectives of the Soviet long-range strategy. The latter includes the construction of a coalition of hostile, leftist regimes throughout the Western Hemisphere, underway even at this time. “A series of Russian officials have come to Cuba in recent months, including President Dmitry Medvedev who stopped in Havana on November 28 after visiting Venezuela, Brazil and Peru,” Reuters reports. At the time Medvedev described Russian-Cuban relations as “especially intense” after talks with Cuban counterpart Raul Castro and his older brother Fidel, still the leader of the Communist Party of Cuba.

Meanwhile, Nicaragua’s past and present Marxist dictator Daniel Ortega wrapped up his first “post”-Cold War journey to Moscow today by issuing a joint statement with President Medvedev. Ortega, who is rapidly subverting Nicaragua’s fledgeling democracy, founded in 1990, is a vocal supporter of the communist regime in Havana. Like neo-Soviet Russia and nearly all of the states in Latin America, he opposes the US economic blockade against the island country. Today, reports the Cuban News Agency, Ortega and Medvedev denounced the nearly five-decade embargo and condemned all “external pressure,” whether political, economic, or financial, against Nicaragua itself, an obvious reference to Washington’s threat to discontinue monetary aid to Managua following the November 9 municipal elections. These are widely perceived as having been rigged by the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front. “Russia hasn’t criticized Ortega for Nicaragua’s democratic breakdown,” the Costa Rican media observes, moreover, “and has instead chided the U.S. government for meddling in domestic Nicaraguan affairs.”

Although the MSM frequently refers to heads of state like Ortega and Medvedev as “former communists,” any real journalist who does just a little research will soon discover that the leaders of Nicaragua and Russia are still committed to world revolution. “We had dense and substantive negotiations with the President of Nicaragua, Comrade Daniel Ortega,” gushed Medvedev today, adding: Their main outcomes are reflected in the joint declaration we just signed and I hope that after the visit we will be able to conclude that Russian-Nicaraguan cooperation is growing much more actively and dynamically, and that we are achieving new and positive results.” The Russian president concluded: “Nicaragua is a key strategic partner in Latin America for Russia.” For his part, the visiting Ortega enthused: “Thank you dear brother, Comrade President Dmitry Medvedev!” Nicaragua’s president then expounded on the importance of Russia’s proposed participation in Latin America’s socialist bloc called the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA):

And President Medvedev’s visit to Latin America, his meetings with the presidents of countries that belong to ALBA – all this constitutes the best proof that we are now experiencing a new era in international relations, and a new era in relations between Russia and Latin America. Never before in the history of the former Soviet Union and Russia were we able to create such optimal, favourable and extremely positive conditions as the present ones.

Upon assessing the intense networking taking place these days between the leaders of Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and other Communist Bloc states, the USA’s profound strategic failures should be apparent to any unbiased observer. How much more proof is needed to demonstrate that the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe 17 years ago was a total sham?

2 responses to “>Latin America File: Russian destroyer sails into Havana Bay, navy’s 1st "post"-Cold War visit to Cuba; Medvedev, Ortega refer to other as "comrade"

  1. mah29001 December 22, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    >It seems that either the Pentagon is either sleep at the wheel at this event going on in the seas close to Latin America, or perhaps the Pentagon has other advisers that would handle the crisis with likely without Presidential approval.

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