>Communist Bloc Military Updates: Venezuelan army repels mock US invasion under watchful presence of Russian bombers, Tu-160s to use Brazilian airspace



– Two Russian Bombers Based in Venezuela Extend Visit by One Week, Possibly Fly Joint Mission with Chavez’s Air Force

– Tu-160 Strategic Bombers Complete One Mission over Caribbean Sea, Second Mission over Brazilian Territorial Waters to Simulate Combat in Tropical Climate

– Democratic US Senator Dianne Feinstein “Not Concerned” about Russian Bombers in Venezuela; Tu-160s Could Reach Florida in One Hour

– Venezuelan Armed Forces Use Russian-Made Sukhoi Fighter Jets, Patrol Boats, and Helicopters to Simulate Mock US Invasion in Bolivar State

– Communist Bloc Military Coordination Exposed: Battered by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, Cuba Postpones “Strategic Military Maneuvers” Originally Scheduled to Coincide with November’s Russian-Venezuelan Joint Naval Drill

Pictured above, below: Venezuelan President, former paratrooper, and bombastic commie thug Hugo Chavez attends military exercises at El Guri, Bolivar state, on September 13, 2008. During the drill fighter jets dropped bombs and commandoes resisted a mock invasion. In the background are vehicles covered with signs that read in Spanish “Socialism or Death.”

Here at Once Upon a Time in the West we dig beneath the headlines to expose important geopolitical “event convergences,” such as political and military coordination among the states of the Communist Bloc. We have already noted that neo-Soviet Russia and Red China are busily supplying their communist client states in Latin America, such as Cuba and Venezuela, with military hardware and expertise, or have made promises to do so, as in the case of Nicaragua. We have detailed the rise of the new Union of South American Nations and the proposed South American Defense Council, both of which are dominated by leftist governments that are united in their intention of eliminating US influence in the region.

In recent weeks we have documented the first steps by the Soviets, who openly admit that the Cold War has been revived after 17 deceptive years of so-called “peace,” to build an active military coalition with Latin Amercia’s red regimes. These first steps include the incremental deployment of Russian military assets in Central and South America, the construction of a Russian rocket base in French Guiana, and joint military exercises among Latin America’s Red Axis states, and between Russia and individual Red Axis states. Accusing Washington of “nuclear blackmail” by way of National Missile Defense installations in Central Europe and NATO expansionism in “former” Soviet states like Georgia and Ukraine, the Moscow Leninists will use this multi-state military coaltion for one purpose: to attack, cripple, and subjugate the USA into the Red World Order.

The two Tu-160 bombers that Russia dispatched as a friendly gesture to Venezuela on September 10 completed one six-hour mission over the Caribbean Sea on Saturday and are slated to take off for another regional tour today. Tomorrow the two Russian bomber crews will meet their host, Venezuela’s communist dictator Hugo Chavez, and pilot their aircraft home to Russia on September 19, four days later that first announced. The Kremlin insists that the Blackjack bombers are carrying “dummy missiles without warheads,” while the crews will acquire experience practicing patrol sorties in a tropical climate. State-run Novosti reports today:

According to the spokesman, the bombers are carrying dummy missiles without warheads and will practice patrol sorties in a tropical climate. Following the training mission, the Tu-160 crews will meet with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Tuesday. “The meeting will take place on September 16 at the invitation of the Venezuelan president,” Drik said. The spokesman added that the bombers will return to their home base in southern Russia on September 19. “The aircraft will take off from an airfield near Caracas on September 18 and conduct a 15-hour return flight to Russia. Their landing at a base in Engels [Saratov Region] is scheduled for September 19,” Drik said. Earlier reports indicated that the bombers had been scheduled to return home on September 15.

In a little-noticed story, it seems that the neo-communist regime of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, reported state-run Voice of Russia yesterday, is allowing the Kremlin to execute its “bomber diplomacy” in Brazilian airspace. According to the piece below, the Tu-160 bombers will not be returning home to Engels Airbase until at least September 22, a full week after initially announced.

A Russian Defense Ministry high-ranking official said Sunday that a pair of the Venezuela-based TU-160 strategic bombers of Russia would have to make another training flight over Brazil’s neutral waters before they got the green light for returning home. Major-General Anatoly Zhiharyiov added that the bombers were scheduled to return to their permanent airbase in the Russian city of Engels at the beginning of next week. Earlier, the pair made a 6-hour patrol over neutral waters in the Caribbean.

Finally, last Thursday state-run Interfax mentioned that the Russian bombers will hold a joint exercise with the Venezuelan air force, which may be one reason why the departure of the Tu-160 crews has been delayed: “Two Russian Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bombers that arrived in Venezuela on Wednesday for the declared purpose of exercise flights over neutral waters may hold joint exercises with Venezuelan military aircraft, the commander of Russia’s Long-Range Air Force, Maj. Gen. Pavel Androsov, told a news conference on Thursday.” According to one source, as many as 19 Blackjacks are currently in service with the Russian Air Force. The Kazan Aviation and Production Association, now under the management of the Kremlin’s United Aircraft Corporation, completed production of a new Tu-160 in December of last year, the first such aircraft to roll off the assembly line since 1994, and immediately began a regimen of test flights. The Kremlin, according to Kommersant Daily, intends to have a total of 30 Tu-160s operational by 2025.

While Russia’s bomber crews hang out in Venezuela’s northern Aragua state, where the El Libertador airbase is situated, the Venezuelan army is repulsing yet another mock invading force in the southern Bolivar state. The invading army, of course, is the “Evil Empire,” meaning the good ol’ USA. Just in time for the September 13 war game near El Guri the Chavezista regime whipped up more anti-American sentiment among Venezuelans by charging five retired and active military officers in an alleged plot to bump off the clownish commie thug this past week. The MSM reports:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has observed military exercises with planes dropping bombs and commandos resisting a mock invasion. Saturday’s maneuvers in southern Bolivar state featured Russian-made Sukhoi fighter jets, ground troops, patrol boats and helicopters that fired rockets at targets. Chavez often warns the U.S. could attack Venezuela and says his military must be prepared.

Astute geopolitical analysts and students of Soviet military doctrine should consider the possibility that in this scenario the Venezuelans and their Russian sponsors might be actually launching a ground assault on the Continental USA ala Red Dawn or repulsing a US counter-invasion after a Russian preemptive strike against the USA. Something to think about, anyway. The Russians and Venezuelans have already announced an unprecedented joint naval drill in the Caribbean Sea to transpire between November 10 and 14. But “no worries,” chimes Democratic US Senator Dianne Feinstein, who is also a senior member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence: “I don’t think Russia would launch attacks on the United States.” Okay, Comrade Dianne, whatever you say.

Intriguingly, it appears that Communist Cuba intended to hold military exercises about the same period but, battered by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, Havana has postponed the “Bastion 2008 Strategic Military Maneuvers” until an undisclosed date in 2009. Cuba’s state-run Prensa Latina let the cat out of the bag two days ago:

Cuban President Raul Castro postponed until 2009 the Bastion 2008 Strategic Military Maneuvers, planned to take place in November, Granma daily reports Saturday. This postponement will strengthen the exercise with valuable experiences from rigorous and profound analyses regarding the natural disasters that seriously affected the island, he expressed. According to the MINFAR (Armed Revolutionary Forces Ministry) report, the decision is related to affectations from recent hurricanes on economic, productive and service activities, as well as national infrastructure in general. The Granma report says this situation demands an intense, effective and prolonged process of recovery.

Perhaps Russia’s air force and navy will rematerialize in the region at that time to join the Cuban military in preparing for the Communist Bloc’s assault on the USA. In July Russian Vice Premier Igor Sechin and ex-FSB/KGB chief and current Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev descended on Havana to revitalize Russia and Cuba’s “traditional relationship,” including military cooperation. Since then the Kremlin media has abounded with trial balloons related to the stationing of Russian bombers in Cuba, although “formal” confirmation from the Russian Defense or Foreign Ministry has not been forthcoming.

Pictured here: President Chavez visits Santiago, where he meets Chilean counterpart Michelle Bachelet, who is also president pro tempore of the new Union of South American Nations. UNASUR leaders convened today to resolve the Bolivian crisis, in which Bolivian President Evo Morales has accused rightist state governors of attempting to overthrow his socialist government. Fellow socialist Bachelet is a devotee of deceased Soviet/Cuban-backed Marxist President Salvador Allende who committed suicide during a 1973 military coup.


– Russian Army Holds Second Stage of “Centre-2008” War Game in Volga-Urals Military District, 7,000 Troops Mobilize 2,000 Pieces of Armaments, Including 600 Tanks and Tactical Missile Launchers

– Iranian Air Force and Missile Defense Drills Coincide with Russian “Centre-2008” Maneuver, Tehran Seeks Full Membership in Shanghai Cooperation Organization

– Russia’s Defense Budget to Hit All-Time Record of 1.2 Trillion Rubles (US$46.8 Billion) in 2009; By Comparison Pentagon Granted US$515.4 Billion Budget for Same Year

Meanwhile, since KGB-communist dictator Vladimir Putin’s announcement in August 2007 that Russian strategic aviation once again on “combat duty” after a 15-year hiatus, the Kremlin’s bombers have made repeated runs toward North America via Iceland. The Iceland Review reports today: “Russian bombers have flown 18 times through Icelandic airspace since the US military left its post in Iceland two years ago. Before that, Russian military airplanes had not been spotted around Iceland for years.”

Russian Bombers Often Spotted in Icelandic Airspace
15/09/2008 12:02

Russian bombers have flown 18 times through Icelandic airspace since the US military left its post in Iceland two years ago. Before that, Russian military airplanes had not been spotted around Iceland for years.

“Even though this is certainly a new position I don’t think, the way things are now, that there is reason to believe that we are being threatened by the Russians in any way,” Foreign Minister Ingibjörg Sólrún Gísladóttir told Morgunbladid.

There is nothing that prohibits the Russian military from flying through Icelandic airspace but Icelandic authorities have requested that they are notified of such flights beforehand.

Last year Russian military jets entered Iceland’s airspace on ten occasions and so far this year, Russian bombers have been spotted seven times. On six occasions Russian military aircrafts have circled Iceland.

This year cargo airplanes that are registered or manufactured in Russia have landed at Keflavík International Airport 130 times.

Airport director Stefán Thordersen said such landings are increasing as these aircraft are often carrying aid to an increasing number of conflicts.

As we reported some weeks ago, the Russian Army is presently holding a tactical exercise called Centre-2008 in the Volga-Ural Military District, including 7,000 troops and 2,000 pieces of armaments, including 600 tanks and tactical missile launchers. This maneuver is somewhat removed geographically from the Caucasus region, where three weeks of war games by the Russian armed forces immediately preceded the invasion of Georgia on August 8. Hence, Centre-2008 is probably oriented toward preparing Russian troops for either defending the country’s heartland or pushing into Central Europe in an offensive that appears to be in development.

Russian tactical missile hits target in exercise – military
12:47 GMT, Sep 13, 2008

MOSCOW. Sept 13 (Interfax-AVN) – A Tochka-U tactical missile hit a simulated enemy command post in a Russian exercise on Saturday, Russia’s Land Forces said.

The missile took one and a half minutes to cover a distance of more than 30 kilometers before hitting the target, Col. Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman for the Land Forces commander-in-chief, told Interfax-AVN.

The site of what is a tactical exercise is the Volga-Ural Military District. The exercise is bringing together about 7,000 troops and about 2,000 pieces of armaments, including 600 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and artillery systems, as well as fighter, ground attack and army aircraft.

The exercise is part of the Center 2008 strategic exercise coordinated by Land Forces Commander-in-Chief Gen. of the Army Vladimir Boldyrev.

The Tochka-U (NATO reporting name: Scarab B) was developed in the former Soviet Union and introduced in 1989.

On September 5 about 2,000 Russian and 700 Kazakh troops completed a previous stage of Centre-2008 in the Chelyabinsk region known as “South Aggression.” In this scenario Soviet forces repelled a mock invasion against the Collective Security Treaty Organization through the alliance’s southern periphery. In view of the presence of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is no question that the USA is the perceived aggressor in the Centre-2008 war games. Russian soldiers who fought against Georgian forces in August, Voice of Russia notes, were scheduled to join the Centre-2008 maneuvers. Last year the Chelyabinsk region was the site of a previous military exercise by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), including China, called Peace Mission 2007.

The multiple exercises of Russia’s Centre-2008 war game coincide with Iran’s latest round of air force and missile defense drills. “Iran recently took delivery of 29 Russian-made Tor-M1 air defense missile systems under a $700-million contract signed in late 2005,” reports Novosti, adding: “Russia has also trained Iranian Tor-M1 specialists, including radar operators and crew commanders.” Iran has applied for full membership in the Moscow/Beijing-led SCO in order to protect its nuclear weapons program from a US/Israeli air strike.

Humilitated by its technological backwardness during the five-day Caucasian War with Georgia, which was armed by the USA and Israel, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is pumping an additional 67 billion rubles into Moscow’s GLONASS global navigation system. State-owned Kommersant Daily admits: “The lack of a navigational system for Russian forces in the recent conflict in South Ossetia and Abkhazia may be spurred this unexpected generosity.” Six more GLONASS satellites will be launched this year, bringing the total to 22. The Kremlin will activate the system by the New Year, which suggests a timeframe for further campaigns in the Fourth World War, presently meandering through its “Sitzkrieg” stage.

GLONASS Gets a Shot of Military Funding
Sep. 15, 2008

The Russian government has allocated an additional 67 billion rubles to the GLONASS global navigation system program. Experts say the number of satellites in the system will be doubled in the next three years and the system will turn into a competitor to the U.S. GPS system. The lack of a navigational system for Russian forces in the recent conflict in South Ossetia and Abkhazia may be spurred this unexpected generosity. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed the resolution on additional funding on Friday.

Six more satellites for the system are to be launched this year, bringing the total to 22. About 10 billion rubles of the new funds will go to the federal cartographic agency to create electronic digital maps of cities and roads, said Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Ivanov. Another portion of the funds will go to the Ministry of Industry and Trade to create the land apparatus for the system. The GLONASS system was launched in 1993.

Under the initial plan for it, the system was to work on the territory of Russia using 18 satellites by the end of 2007 and to operate throughout the world with 24 satellites by 2010. The system was not launched on schedule, however. There are 16 GLONASS satellites in orbit today. The new start date for the system is December 31, 2008. The program was allotted 4.73 billion rubles in 2006, 9.88 billion rubles in 2007 and 10.28 billion rubles this year.

The Kremlin’s endeavor to fasttrack GLONASS is part of a wider project to modernize the Soviet Armed Forces into lean, mean, twenty-first century fighting machine. Russia’s defense budget for 2009 has been bumped up to a record 1.2 trillion rubles, or US$46.8 billion. Russia, after the USA, Novosti reports, is the second-largest arms exporter in the world and boasts clients in many regions across the globe.

Russia to boost state weapon orders in 2009 to $47 billion
21:59 12/ 09/ 2008

MOSCOW, September 12 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s budget spending on state defense orders will amount to 1.2 trillion rubles ($46.8 billion) in 2009, a first deputy prime minister said on Friday.

The spending figure is outlined in the Russian budget for 2009-2011 which is due to be considered by Russia’s lower house of parliament, the State Duma, on September 19.

“The state defense order overall for next year is planned to hit a record sum of 1.2 trillion rubles,” Sergei Ivanov said.

The three-year budget envisaged additional spending of 170 billion rubles ($6.63 billion) in comparison to previous annual programs. Ivanov said the increase was caused by “the need to implement decrees made by the president and prime minister, and obviously inflation.”

He said earlier that the Russian budget allocation for 2007 stood at 700 billion rubles ($30 billion) for state defense orders, with the figure expected to total 1 trillion rubles ($43 billion) in 2008.

Military analysts said Russia, which sold $7 billion worth of arms last year making it the second-largest exporter of conventional weapons after the United States, had decided to increase military spending following the five-day conflict with Georgia last month.

In July, a month before Georgia attacked the breakaway republic of South Ossetia, which Moscow recognized as a sovereign state on August 26, Georgia increased its annual military budget by an additional $210 million, taking total spending for 2008 to $997 million.

According to the press reports, the U.S., which has strongly condemned Russia for its military operation in Georgia, has a defense budget of $696 billion for this year.

By contrast, the US defense budget for 2009 is 10 times larger than the Kremlin’s. The Soviets have patiently implemented a multi-generational strategy of conquest by deception, but the fact remains that the American capitalist “enemy,” even in the face of global economic disruptions, can still outspend, outdesign, and outproduce the Bolsheviks and their descendants.

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