>Communist Bloc Military Updates: 4 Bear bombers cross Atlantic, Arctic Oceans today; Russia to exit CFE altogether, counter NATO expansion with force

>At Once Upon a Time in the West we closely follow neo-Soviet Russia’s new war footing, officially announced by President Vladimir Putin in August 2007. State-run Itar-Tass reports today that: “Four Russian strategic bombers Tu-95 [pictured here] flew patrol missions over the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans on Thursday, Air Force spokesman Col Alexander Drobyshevsky told Itar-Tass. ‘The bombers made 9- to 16-hour long flights in adverse weather conditions, with midair refueling,’ Drobyshevsky said.”

Moscow will implement its unilateral moratorium on complying with the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty effective December 12. However, the Kremlin’s Leninist masterminds, speaking through a Moscow think tank, are also threatening to withdraw from the CFE altogether and build up its armed forces if NATO continues to expand in countries adjacent to Russia, particularly Georgia and Azerbaijan. Itar-Tass reports:

Russia will quit the basic and adapted Conventional Forces in Europe treaties if NATO builds up its presence in eastern Europe near Russian borders, head of the International Security Center under the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexei Arbatov told a news conference on Thursday. “If NATO expands its presence in the east, Russia will do everything to build up its armed forces,” Arbatov said. He underlined that “in that event, no limitations will help, and Russia will quit the basic and adapted CFE treaties.”

Concurrently, the Kremlin is insisting that NATO freeze its “permissible level of armaments.”

MOSCOW, December 6 (Itar-Tass) – Russian “insists that the permissible level of armaments in NATO countries be frozen,” director of the department for security and disarmament under the Russian Foreign Ministry Anatoly Antonov stated on Thursday.

“Today, NATO has 2300 tanks, and a question arises if such high figures are needed,” the diplomat said.

Commenting on Baltic states, he noted that “according to some reports, the level of armaments in these countries surpasses Azerbaijan’s and Armenia.”

“These are very serious parameters and it requires serious talks,” Antonov underlined.

“We wish that Baltic states to work out projects to coordinate them with the member-states of the adapted Conventional Forces in Europe treaty. At this moment, NATO is discussing the level of armaments in Baltic states, and then it will be declared as a stance, although it is time to talk about decreasing this level.”

We have elsewhere shown that Moscow’s “post”-communist military retrenchment was a strategic deception designed purposely to lure NATO to Russia’s borders and provoke a conflict. Neo-Soviet Russia is readying for war and, in essence, demanding that the Western Alliance roll over without a fight. As part of its war preparations against the USA and its few remaining allies, the Kremlin continues to amass gold and currency reserves, which today hit a record high of US$463.5 billion, and impose food price controls. Both measures will provide financial and political stability for Russia in the event that the global economy collapses in the pre-war period. The latter, in fact, is already occuring as a result of the subprime mortgage blowup. Ruining the US economy, especially, through calculated “dollar dumping” is a key element in the installation of a Moscow-controlled leftist government in Congress and the White House. Enter Hillary and communist-infiltrated Democratic Party . . .

One response to “>Communist Bloc Military Updates: 4 Bear bombers cross Atlantic, Arctic Oceans today; Russia to exit CFE altogether, counter NATO expansion with force

  1. mah29001 December 6, 2007 at 8:33 pm

    >Hmm, Bear bombers doing runs over not just simply the Atlantic but also the Artic Oceans? Certainly the Kremlin is iching for war against the U.S.You might also want to look at this computer game titled: World in Conflict of where Russian forces invade the U.S. and the U.S. attempt to counter it. It’s another “what if” game, but perhaps this game can certainly reveal quite a clear battle plan the Soviets and even their Red Chinese allies have planned for America and the West.

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