>Africa/Latin America Files: Venezuela to host 2nd South America-Africa Summit in 2008; Chavez promotes "South-South Axis"

>The socialist/communist-dominated African Union and newly formed Union of South American Nations, along with the venerable United Nations, represent stepping stones to the red goal of world government. In the article below Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez refers to the South America-Africa Summit (SAS) as the “South-South Axis.” The first summit occured in Nigeria, in November-December 2006. There Chavez floated a number of new ideas that are rapidly consolidating the power of Latin America’s Red Axis: Bank of the South, Petrosur, University of the South, Telesur, and Radio of the South. The pro-Chavez Venezuelanalysis.com reports in connection with last year’s meeting: “The South America-Africa summit sets a new stage in inter-continental relations. There are vast areas for cooperation, and a plan of action will no doubt utilise the expertise of both continents. In this respect, a tangible form of South-South cooperation will become a real possibility.” Pictured above: Comrade Hugo buds around with Robert Mugabe, genocidal paleo-communist, dictator of Zimbabwe/Rhodesia.

Caracas welcomes today South America-Africa Summit’s coordinators
ABN 16/07/2007
Caracas, Distrito Capital

Caracas, July 16th (ABN).- From July 16th to 18th, the First Meeting of coordinators for the II South America-Africa Summit (ASA) to be held on November 2008 in Venezuela, takes place in Caracas. The Ministers’ meetings and the logistics for the experts’ encounters are planned to be disccused in this previous meeting, a communiqué issued by the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported. Brasil’s coordinators (for South Africa), Nigeria (for Africa), African Union Commission (UA), Bolivia ( country that holds the Pro tempore Presidency of the South American Nations Union) and Venezuela ( Preparatory National Committee) will attend this first meeting.

Venezuela’s candidature as host country for the II ASA Summit was approved unanimously for the participating countries during the first edition held in Abuja, Nigeria, in 2006. Meanwhile, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for Africa Reinaldo Bolívar said that this meeting shows the international projection that Venezuela has reached through the promotion of the four cooperation axis South-South.

During the First Meeting, President Hugo Chávez proposed to the African Union the four cooperation axis: financing cooperation (Bank of the South), energy cooperation (Petrosur), education cooperation (University of the South) and cooperation in the communication area (Telesur and Radio of the South).

Source: Bolivarian News Agency

One response to “>Africa/Latin America Files: Venezuela to host 2nd South America-Africa Summit in 2008; Chavez promotes "South-South Axis"

  1. mah29001 July 16, 2007 at 5:55 pm

    >I should also mention the Communist Cuban media over on my blog has reported similar reports about that. Chavez wants to integrate South America into a superstate like the EU and the African Union.This was also part of Lenin’s old desire to destroy the soverignty of nation states and promote a foundation which would build the One World Government, i.e. Red World Order.

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