>Feature: Red World: Heritage Foundation releases economic index; Hong Kong No. 1, USA No. 4, Canada just makes Top 10, Russia in the tank at No. 120

>The conservative think tank Heritage Foundation recently released its 2007 Index of Economic Freedom. Statistics, gulag inmates, and East Bloc defectors agree: Capitalism works, communism does not. However, you will never convince a communist of this fact. Indeed, he will employ capitalism to destroy capitalism and advance communism, to wit the perestroika deception in Eastern Europe and pseudo-capitalist People’s Republic of China. The economic success of Hong Kong, which serves as window dressing for China’s laogai regime, can be attributed to one century of British administration, rather than one decade of communist totalitarianism.

With a little help from Comrade Czar Putin–frontman for the restored Communist Party of the Soviet Union–“post”-communist Russia’s economy tanked with a ranking of 120. To the acclaim of the CPSU leadership, Comrade Lukashenko led paleo-communist Belarus with a stunning performance of 145. Meanwhile, many of the Not-So-Former Soviet republics and Not-So-Former Soviet Bloc countries occupied the center of the Heritage Foundation’s list or are way down at the bottom. The latter group includes the Stalinist hell holes known as North Korea (157), Vietnam (138), and Cuba (156), as well as “up and coming” Stalinist hell hole Venezuela (144).

Canada barely made the top ten. Hang your head in shame, Soviet Canuckistan. Next year, the Great Red North will bump Switzerland. For the uninformed, the national motto here is “Tax me, I’m Canadian.”

The picture above is courtesy The People’s Cube. Need a laugh? Visit The People’s Cube. You’ll never look at communism the same way again. (I encourage communists to visit The People’s Cube, too. Reds take themselves way too seriously.)

Top Ten

Hong Kong 1 [89.3] (legally part of communist China since 1997)
Singapore 2 [85.7]
Australia 3 [82.7]
United States 4 [82.0]
New Zealand 5 [81.6]
United Kingdom 6 [81.6] (communist insurgency, IRA)
Ireland 7 [81.3] (communist insurgency, IRA)
Luxembourg 8 [79.3]
Switzerland 9 [79.1]
Canada 10 [78.7]

Chile 11 [78.3] (socialist government)
Estonia 12 [78.1] (“ex”-communist)
Denmark 13 [77.6]
Netherlands 14 [77.1]
Iceland 15 [77.1]
Finland 16 [76.5] (semi-communist)
Belgium 17 [74.5]
Japan 18 [73.6]
Germany 19 [73.5] (including “ex”-communist East Germany)
Cyprus 20 [73.1] (neo-communist)
Sweden 21 [72.6] (semi-communist)
Lithuania 22 [72.0] (“ex”-communist)
Trinidad and Tobago 23 [71.4]
Bahamas 24 [71.4]
Austria 25 [71.3]
Taiwan 26 [71.1]
Spain 27 [70.9] (semi-communist; communist insurgency, ETA)
Barbados 28 [70.5]
El Salvador 29 [70.3]
Norway 30 [70.1]
Czech Republic 31 [69.7] (“ex”-communist)
Armenia 32 [69.4] (“ex”-communist)
Uruguay 33 [69.3] (neo-communist)
Mauritius 34 [69.0] (semi-communist)
Georgia 35 [68.7] (“ex”-communist)
Korea, South 36 [68.6]
Israel 37 [68.4]
Botswana 38 [68.4] (only African country to never experience socialism)
Bahrain 39 [68.4]
Slovak Republic 40 [68.4] (“ex”-communist)
Latvia 41 [68.2] (“ex”-communist)
Malta 42 [67.8]
Portugal 43 [66.7] (semi-communist)
Hungary 44 [66.2] (“ex”-communist)
France 45 [66.1]
Jamaica 46 [66.1]
Panama 47 [65.9]
Malaysia 48 [65.8]
Mexico 49 [65.8] (communist insurgency)
Thailand 50 [65.6] (Islamic insurgency)

Costa Rica 51 [65.1]
South Africa 52 [64.1] (neo-communist)
Jordan 53 [64.0]
Oman 54 [63.9]
Namibia 55 [63.8] (neo-communist)
Belize 56 [63.7]
Kuwait 57 [63.7]
Slovenia 58 [63.6] (“ex”-communist)
Uganda 59 [63.4] (neo-communist)
Italy 60 [63.4] (neo-communist)
Nicaragua 61 [62.7] (neo-communist)
Bulgaria 62 [62.2] (“ex”/neo-communist)
Peru 63 [62.1] (communist insurgency)
Swaziland 64 [61.6]
Madagascar 65 [61.4] (“ex”-communist)
Albania 66 [61.4] (“ex”-communist)
Romania 67 [61.3] (“ex”-communist)
Guatemala 68 [61.2]
Tunisia 69 [61.0] (national communist)
Brazil 70 [60.9] (neo-communist)
Macedonia 71 [60.8] (“ex”-communist)
Qatar 72 [60.7]
Colombia 73 [60.5] (communist insurgency)
United Arab Emirates 74 [60.4]
Kazakhstan 75 [60.4] (“ex”-communist)
Honduras 76 [60.3]
Lebanon 77 [60.3] (Islamic insurgency, Hezbollah)
Mongolia 78 [60.1] (“ex”-communist)
Kyrgyz Republic 79 [59.9] (“ex”-communist)
Fiji 80 [59.8]
Moldova 81 [59.5] (neo-communist)
Kenya 82 [59.4] (“ex”-communist)
Turkey 83 [59.3]
Sri Lanka 84 [59.3] (semi-communist)
Saudi Arabia 85 [59.1]
Senegal 86 [58.8] (“ex”-communist)
Poland 87 [58.8] (“ex”-communist)
Cape Verde 88 [58.4] (“ex”-communist)
Pakistan 89 [58.2]
Guyana 90 [58.2] (semi-communist)
Ghana 91 [58.1] (“ex”-communist)
Zambia 92 [57.9] (“ex”-communist)
Gambia 93 [57.6]
Greece 94 [57.6] (failed communist insurgency)
Argentina 95 [57.5]
Morocco 96 [57.4]
Philippines 97 [57.4] (communist insurgency)
Tajikistan 98 [56.9] (“ex”-communist)
Paraguay 99 [56.8]
Dominican Republic 100 [56.7]

Mozambique 101 [56.6] (“ex”-communist)
Cambodia 102 [56.5] (“ex”-communist)
Tanzania 103 [56.4] (“ex”-communist)
India 104 [55.6] (communist insurgency, Maoists/Naxalites)
Ivory Coast 105 [55.5] (“ex”-communist)
Malawi 106 [55.5]
Azerbaijan 107 [55.4] (“ex”-communist)
Ecuador 108 [55.3] (neo-communist)
Croatia 109 [55.3] (“ex”-communist)
Indonesia 110 [55.1] (failed communist insurgency)
Guinea 111 [63.7] (“ex”-communist)
Bolivia 112 [63.7] (neo-communist)
Burkina Faso 113 [63.6] (“ex”-communist)
Benin 114 [63.4] (“ex”-communist)
Bosnia and Herzegovina 115 [63.4] (“ex”-communist)
Ethiopia 116 [62.7] (neo-communist)
Cameroon 117 [62.2]
Lesotho 118 [62.1] (neo-communist)
China 119 [61.6] (paleo-communist)
Russia 120 [61.4] (“ex”-communist)
Nepal 121 [61.4] (neo-communist; monarchy capitulates to Maoists, 2006)
Yemen 122 [61.3] (“ex”-communist)
Mali 123 [61.2] (“ex”-communist)
Niger 124 [61.0] (“ex”-communist)
Ukraine 125 [60.9] (“ex”-communist)
Mauritania 126 [60.8]
Egypt 127 [60.7] (national communist)
Equatorial Guinea 128 [60.5] (“ex”-pseudo-communist)
Gabon 129 [60.4]
Djibouti 130 [60.4]
Nigeria 131 [60.3]
Uzbekistan 132 [60.3] (“ex”-communist)
Suriname 133 [60.1]
Algeria 134 [59.9] (national communist)
Haiti 135 [59.8] (neo-communist)
Rwanda 136 [59.5] (neo-communist)
Central African Republic 137 [59.4]
Vietnam 138 [59.3] (paleo-communist)
Togo 139 [59.3]
Laos 140 [59.1] (paleo-communist)
Sierra Leone 141 [58.8] (“ex”-communist)
Syria 142 [58.8] (fascist-communist)
Bangladesh 143 [58.4] (semi-communist)
Venezuela 144 [58.2] (neo-communist)
Belarus 145 [58.2] (paleo-communist)
Burundi 146 [58.1] (“ex”-communist)
Chad 147 [57.9] (“ex”-communist)
Guinea Bissau 148 [57.6]
Angola 149 [57.6] (“ex”-communist)
Iran 150 [57.5] (pro-Soviet Islamic theocracy)

Congo, Republic of 151 [57.4] (“ex”-communist)
Turkmenistan 152 [57.4] (“ex”-communist)
Burma 153 [56.9] (semi-communist)
Zimbabwe 154 [56.8] (paleo-communist)
Libya 155 [56.7] (pro-Soviet national communist)
Cuba 156 [56.6] (paleo-communist)
Korea, North 157 [56.5] (paleo-communist)

Sudan – Not Ranked (“ex”-communist)
Serbia – Not Ranked (“ex”-communist)
Congo, Dem. Republic of – Not Ranked (neo-communist)
Iraq – Not Ranked (post-war transitional government)

12 responses to “>Feature: Red World: Heritage Foundation releases economic index; Hong Kong No. 1, USA No. 4, Canada just makes Top 10, Russia in the tank at No. 120

  1. mah29001 January 17, 2007 at 3:48 pm

    >I’m part Chinese and Hong Kong was the birth place of my mother when Hong Kong was part of the British Empire. The Brits had one of the most successful empires in Western civilization’s history and were openly honest about calling themselves an EMPIRE.The Communists on the other hand like to refer themselves as “anti-imperialists”. People who are supposedly against imperialism, but reality has proven otherwise that once one of their “national liberation” movements makes gains in a former colonial pocession of a Western colonial power, that former colonial pocession becomes loyal to the Communist powers like Soviet Russia and Communist China in the case with Zimbabwe as one example.You might also want to look into the so-called “hawkish” Project for a New American Century whose members like Condi Rice have gone to support the PLO front-Fatah over a “plot” against Abbas an “assassination attempt” through a network of tunnels originaly dug by the PLO to smuggle in weapons.Now this certainly places that the Project for a New American Century has also links with the Fabian Socialist Council on Foreign Relations as well. You can find more about the “hawkish” PNAC on Attacreport.com on how it supported an invasion of Afghanistan at the same time ignored the PLO’s support for 9/11 and its involvement.

  2. mah29001 January 17, 2007 at 3:49 pm

    >It’s also questionable why folks over at Anti-State.com would celebrate Somalia as an “economic model” of “capitalism” when in reality that should really go to Hong Kong.You might want to add Anti-State.com to the Western Leftie Propaganda category because of its founder is linked to Justin Raimondo and the neo-Soviet propaganda outlet Antiwar.com along with the owner of Anti-State.com being rabidly anti-Israel and anti-Semitic.

  3. mah29001 January 17, 2007 at 4:08 pm

    >I just don’t get it with Communists and their radical allies. They always support such hellholes like North Korea or Cuba. Then suggest how “many” poor there are in the United States when EVERBODY in a Communist nation are equally poor.

  4. mah29001 January 17, 2007 at 8:23 pm

    >I think the Faux Rightist Pro-China Bevin Chu is going to be very disappointed that Communist China isn’t ranked in the nations that have the most economic freedom.Chu as I have described before on this blog is a China apologist and believes that America is an “empire” along with stating that Taiwan should return to being enslaved by the Communist Chinese government.You might want to add (pardon for repeating myself again) Bevin Chu’s China Desk to the Faux Rightist section along with Chu being involved in the neo-Soviet propaganda outlet Antiwar.com and his anti-Taiwan article being promoted by the Pravda.

  5. Dead Man January 18, 2007 at 1:31 am

    >”Indeed, he will employ capitalism to destroy capitalism and advance communism” yeah, I did that just last week. Thinking of doing it again tomorrow, but I might just have a lie in.Lol, that’s why you guys are my favorite forces of reaction, you take things that make total sense, totally misinterprets them, and reads them back to me all distorted and funhousemirroresque. Of course you use capitalism to combat capitalism, but that doesn’t imply every group, man and his dog who doesn’t hold your worldveiw (and half of those who do) is a secret communist puppet. Ha. Would that it were true!

  6. Perilous Times January 18, 2007 at 1:30 pm

    >Reply to Dead Man: Nowhere have I ever stated or implied on this blogsite that people who do not hold my world view are “secret communist puppets.” Moreover, if you do not understand how the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (which still exists) and the Communist Party of China have used pseudo-capitalist reforms in the past (New Economic Policy) and in the present to draw in Western investors, prop up their ailing command economies, and deceive the West, you know nothing about history and you have closed your eyes to the documentation here. If you have solid facts to refute that documentation, do so.I’m admitting this comment because I want people to see that there will always be naysayers for any topic–and not for lack of evidence on our part.

  7. Perilous Times January 18, 2007 at 1:33 pm

    >Additional reply to dead man: Furthermore, referring to supports of this site as “forces of reaction” exposes your leftist/pro-communist sympathies, which is your blunder, not mine.

  8. mah29001 January 18, 2007 at 2:04 pm

    >”Additional reply to dead man: Furthermore, referring to supports of this site as “forces of reaction” exposes your leftist/pro-communist sympathies, which is your blunder, not mine.”It’s always quite typical of these types to ignore the threat of Communism. These are the same people who would rather believe that the Patriot Act and the United States are “greater” threats than “former” Soviet Russia and their ally China and their blocs. Simply pathetic these people really are and quite intellectually dishonest.They also can’t stand the fact that Capitalism would be the eventual victor of the conflict either consider that most of the nations listed on the economic freedom chart are mostly Capitalists such as Hong Kong despite it technically belonging to China.

  9. mah29001 January 18, 2007 at 2:06 pm

    >You might also want to go into detail later on this blog about the lack of intellectualism from these deniers. I bet J.R. Nyquist has some good essays you can use to show how much they would rather believe in propaganda and lies than literature and intellectual honesty.

  10. mah29001 January 18, 2007 at 2:35 pm

    >I bet naysayers like dead_man believe that the United States as I have stated before along with Capitalism are “greater” threats than international Communism. It’s really pathetic how so intellectually dishonest these people really are.

  11. mah29001 January 18, 2007 at 2:37 pm

    >I should also mention about the naysayers is that these folks like the one over at the New Zeal blog with folks like “steve the not-so nice guy” promoting how Israelis are “Nazis” and all that other bullshit (pardon my language) can turn around and suggest how they see “no good vs. evil”, but really this is part of their psychological disinformation war against people like us.They are really promoting the Marxist old line of the Proletariat being “oppressed” by the “oppresser” along with stating how the governments under the Proletariat are “fascists” quite similar to the propaganda coming out from the Communist Party USA.

  12. mah29001 January 18, 2007 at 4:00 pm

    >It’s quite common for Marxist and other radical types to pretend to favor Plato. Maybe that’s the reason why Marxists and radical types pretend to promote the Allagory of the Cave. So they can suggest Capitalist countries like the U.S. are that way, but ignore Communist nations and “former” Communist nations that are the real ones doing that. How sadly ironic is that?

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