>Latin America File: Sao Paulo Forum lauds defeat of capitalism in Western Hemisphere, Correa proclaims 21st century socialism, Bolivian reds protest

>Reveling in the relatively peaceful, electorally-driven “red spread” throughout the Western Hemisphere, Latin America’s Sao Paulo Forum (FSP)–currently meeting in San Salvador, El Salvador–is predicting the imminent demise of neoliberalism (capitalism). The following article is from Granma, the publication of the Communist Party of Cuba, one of the prime movers behind the FSP.

XIII the Encounter of the Forum of Sao Paulo approved Sunday a document in which indicates that the “advances in the political and electoral land create favorable conditions without precedents to advance towards definitive the political and ideological defeat of the neoliberalism in our region”.

“We agreed in which, although the neoliberalism continues being the hegemonic doctrine imposed by the centers of being able world-wide, the confrontation in ascent from the towns [peoples] to its sequel of concentration of the wealth and masificación of the social exclusion, favors a political accumulation without precedents on the part of the left”, emphasizes the declaration, transmitted by AFP.

The document recognizes that the electoral triumphs jeopardize to the parties of the Latin American left “to act agreed with the expectations deposited in them by the towns, under pain of which their governments are single a brief lapse after which the neoliberal domination is recycle”.

Titled the new stage of the fight by Latin American and Caribbean integration, the presents in the Forum concluded that the fundamental objective of the alternative model of integration “is the well-being and dignificación of people, the towns and the countries of Amé rich Latin”.

The FSP consists of the:
  1. Communist Party of Argentina
  2. Clement Payne Movement (Barbados; linked to Communist Party of Cuba)
  3. Communist Party of Bolivia (supports President Evo Morales)
  4. Workers’ Party (Brazil; ruling in coalition), Communist Party of Brazil (ruling in coalition)
  5. Communist Party of Chile, Socialist Party of Chile (ruling in coalition)
  6. Colombian Communist Party, National Liberation Army (Colombia; insurgent), Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (insurgent)
  7. Costa Rican Peoples’ Party
  8. Communist Party of Cuba (single-party dictatorship)
  9. Dominica Labour Party (ruling in coalition)
  10. Dominican Liberation Party (Dominican Republic; ruling in coalition)
  11. Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (El Salvador; chief opposition)
  12. Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity
  13. Working People’s Alliance (Guyana)
  14. Party of Labor (Mexico; contested 2006 general election in coalition with Party of Democratic Revolution), Popular Socialist Party (Mexico)
  15. Sandinista National Liberation Front (Nicaragua; ruling)
  16. Paraguayan Communist Party, Free Homeland Party (Paraguay)
  17. Peruvian Communist Party, Socialist Party of Peru
  18. Puerto Rican Nationalist Party, Socialist Front (Puerto Rico), Hostosian National Independence Movement (Puerto Rico), University Pro-Independence Federation of Puerto Rico
  19. Broad Front (Uruguay; ruling coalition), Communist Party of Uruguay (ruling in coalition), Socialist Party of Uruguay (ruling in coalition), Tupamaros (Uruguay)
  20. Communist Party of Venezuela (ruling in coalition)
Meanwhile, apeing President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, who frequently sports his trademark red T-shirt these days, newly installed Cormade Rafael in Ecuador is likewise proclaiming that “21st century socialism” has arrived in his country.
The elect president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, proclaimed east Sunday the sprouting of a “Amé rich Latin Socialist of century XXI”, coining the name whereupon the Venezuelan agent chief executive, Hugo Chévez, baptized the new phase of his bolivariana revolution.
“As a miracle the servile governments, the democracies of plastilina, the neoliberal model have collapsed, and has begun to arise the Amé rich Latin arrogant, he frees, sovereign, joust and Socialist of century XXI”, symbolically said Strap after being invested in the Andean town of Zumbahua in an indigenous ceremony.

The agent chief executive, an economist of left of 43 years that I will assume the east presidency Monday officially, was accompanied in Zumbahua by Chévez and the Bolivian president, Evo Morales.

Strap [acronym for Correa’s ruling coalition] emphasized that its ascent to the power extends the saga of the new Latin American left and praised the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, and to the governors of Venezuela, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Nicaragua, to those who it called “companions and friends”.

“¡ How it has changed Amé rich Latin!, and I will continue changing, because what we lived she is not one é little of changes but a change of é little. The servility, the betrayal is being thrown by our towns the waste basket of history “, maintained.

“The neoliberal night is arriving at its aim, the new day has begun”, added Strap, that arrives at the presidency of Ecuador after an overwhelming victory in second return on the bananero tycoon, Alvaro Noboa.

Strap assured that I will be the president of the natives – who represent the third part of the Ecuadorians and promised to carry out a “democrética revolution and radical” by means of the call of a Constituent Assembly that replaces the “effective model of operation and injustice”.

“The way recié n begins, the second great battle is the Constituent Assembly to reform these structures you expire and to end the fécticos seudo owners of the country and powers that as much damage have done to us”, emphasized the agent chief executive, who I will issue east Monday a decree summoning the popular consultation on the component.

Across the Andes, Bolivian communists take to the streets to rally in defense of Comrade President Evo by demanding the resignation of a regional governor, Manfred Reyes Villa, who opposes Morales’ neo-communist regime. Morales, like Correa, is seeking to rewrite his country’s constitution in order, no doubt, to enshrine socialism as the official state ideology, much as Comrade Hugo is implementing in the Bolivarian Republic. In the communique below the youth section of the Communist Party of Bolivia threatens revolutionary violence against Villa’s government.

The facts happened yesterday once again demonstrate facist carécter and the true face of the rightist prefect Manfred Reyes Villa who years atrés ademés acted next to the punitive forces of the dictatorship assassinating to those who were against the dictatorship, we did not forget that he was east personage who support almost until the end to Gonzalo Sénchez de Lozada in its criminal killer government who to but of 60 companions in October of 2003, is east gentleman that has leaned in groups of young people, which by weights become sicarios, ademés some groups of the middle-class, prefecturales sectors of the small bourgeoisie and civil employees.

These groups have acted yesterday of aggressive form and criminal against the companions who were in the seat of the flags and that single made watch, it has been seen that these groups have been trained to cause and to face the popular sectors, these “pacifist” groups walked armed with knives, woods of golf, bats of baseball, woods, chains irons and with ready firearms to even attack which we requested the resignation of this prefect, accomplice of the oligérquicos, separatist and servile sectors to imperialism.

Before this the COMMUNIST YOUTH OF BOLIVIA calls to the town [people] to organize itself to defend its rights that have been obtained in years of fight with bloodshed of thousands of companions.

– WE DEMANDED the RESIGNATION of this facist and killer prefect, as well as we demanded the resignation of this personage we will do the same with all those that esté n against the popular interests.
– Before the aggression armed of these facist groups the town [people] must right to defend itself, before the facist aggression the town [people] I will respond with the revolutionary violence to defend itself.
– We denounced before the town that the prefecture and comité civic they are arming and training to boys, thus arming assault groups similar to the facist cruceñista youthful union to attack against the sectors mobilized in this process of change.
– La JCB llama al pueblo a movilizarse, a defender este proceso, a consolidarlo y a impulsar cambios més profundos por un futuro socialista.

Por el socialismo!!!

Juventud Comunista de Bolivia (JCB) – Comité regional CBBA

4 responses to “>Latin America File: Sao Paulo Forum lauds defeat of capitalism in Western Hemisphere, Correa proclaims 21st century socialism, Bolivian reds protest

  1. mah29001 January 15, 2007 at 6:59 pm

    >Let’s not forget that the Iranian President is right now in Ecuador. This alliance between Iran and Communist nations in Latin America reveals that “former” Soviet Russia along with Communist China and the PLO were indeed implicatable with 9/11 which I refer to be as the New Black Semptember.

  2. mah29001 January 15, 2007 at 7:00 pm

    >I should also tell you there’s going to be a special on FOX if you receive it over there in Canada on Hezbollah in America next weekend.Should be a special to watch and it should also reveal the Communist network behind terror groups like Hezbollah.

  3. mah29001 January 15, 2007 at 7:01 pm

    >I should also tell you about an O’Rielly Factor special detailing how illegal immigrants who are driven to criminalism are blaming the U.S. for it, while ignoring the radical Hispanic groups like MEChA which endorses the Communist led Zapatista movement in Mexico that promote criminalism and socialism in the Hispanic communities.Quite similar to all those African-American Marxist orientated hip-hop “artists” to which you can scroll through my archieves on.

  4. mah29001 January 15, 2007 at 7:06 pm

    >It’s also strange to me why the term “neo-liberalism” would be referred to be capitalism in Latin America and else where. Groups that are proponents of “capitalism” include the pro-Communist Fabian Socialist Council on Foreign Relations which is a proponent of the North American Union along with even the European Union being labeled to be neo-liberal.The alternative to this neo-liberalism is much worse as it would involve creating a global Soviet-style union which is why someone like Chavez and Communist backed front groups endorse the Open Border lobby.But I wouldn’t trust those who promote neo-liberalism either as it’s really a mixture of socialistic leanings and capitalistic leanings, sort of being proponents of the “Third Way” politics.

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