>Latin America File: Nicaragua joins Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas less than 24 hours after "ex"-communist dictator Ortega assumes presidency

>There goes the neighborhood (meaning the Western Hemisphere). The neo-communist Cuban-Venezuelan-Bolivian economic bloc greedily consumes neo-Sandinista Nicaragua. So much for Comandante Ortega’s supposed reconciliation with “the Church.” Utilizing the rhetoric of the Jesuit-spawned liberation theology that has decimated Catholicism in Latin America, President Ortega declared: “ALBA is the message of Christ.” In December 2006 the new President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, signed an accord with the recently re-elected Chavez to accelerate the integration of Ecuador into ALBA.

Pictured above: Comrades Hugo, Dan, and Evo in Managua on January 10. This was a busy day for Chavez, who flew to Nicaragua shortly after being sworn in as President of Venezuela for the third time.

Incidentally, the acronym ALBA means “dawn” in Spanish, a fact that the organization’s founders heavily promoted in order to seduce Latin Americans into the region’s new communist bloc. Old commies never die. They just change their tactics.

The ALBA website contains additional information concerning Nicaragua’s inclusion into the organization.

The Latin American “red tide” is surging so fast now that Americans and Canadians will very shortly find it lapping at the banks of the Rio Grande . . . and further north still. It’s worse than a bad dream because it’s real.

Chávez and Ortega Pactan alliance
The Newspaper of Today
Thursday, 11 January of 2007

Nicaragua. In unit [harmony] with the axis Cuba-Venezuela-Bolivia, Daniel Ortega signed yesterday a pact of adhesion to the Dawn [ALBA], the Bolivariana Alternative for the Américas, being created by Fidel Castro dictator and Venezuelan agent chief executive Hugo Chavez.

Less than 24 hours to have assumed the presidency of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega printed his company/signature to be united with Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales in the Bolivariana Alternative for the Américas (White), a project that is against the plan of the United States to create a market of free commerce in all the continent.

The main witnesses of the act were the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez; the one of Bolivia, Evo Morales; and the vice-president of Cuba, Jose Ramon Machado.

“I declare in name of the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua our adhesion to the principles enunciated in the joint declaration subscribed the 14 of December of 2004 between the president of the Bolivariana Republic of Venezuela and the president of the Council of State of the Republic of Cuba”, said to Ortega when reading the declaration.

Bolivia adhered [joined] to the Dawn the 29 of April of 2006.


Ortega was euphoric. “This act symbolizes the aspirations of independence of the American towns, whose roots are united deeply in the history of America”, the Nicaraguan in the ceremony celebrated in the Theater Nacional Rubén Darío said, in Managua.

The sandinista leader said that “Latin America rises gathering the flag of freedom and justice”, minutes before saluting militarily to Chávez and being fused soon in a hug. The sandinista presents applauded.

Ortega, when reading the declaration of adhesion from Nicaragua to the Dawn, complained against the applied economic policies in Latin America, and said that these “have taken to the exclusion of the popular majorities of the benefits of the economic growth, that have deepened the inequality and the poverty in the region.

“In Nicaragua these neoliberal policies have created a situation of social emergency, because to million citizens the access to the education, the health and a worthy use has refused them”, it added.


The leftist president said that the negative effects of the neoliberal model force the region to assume “a strategic alliance between the states and the towns [people] of Latin America and the Caribbean, cradle in the principles of solidarity, cooperation, complementación and mutual aid”.

The gifts already began to arrive. Chávez announced that between the first projects with Nicaragua it is the installation of a refinery in that country and said that it does not try “to make money, but to only help the town [people]” to leave the poverty.

Ortega added that the unit and integration of the towns [people] of Latin America and the Caribbean “will allow to incorporate to our region in the world in conditions that assure our right to the development will sustain and the unrestricted exercise of the national sovereignty, as opposed to the hegemonic pretensions” of the United States.

“The Dawn is the message of Christ”, emphasized Ortega before its followers, after receiving congratulations and hugs of its colleagues of Venezuela and Bolivia and the vice-president of Cuba.

“Welcome to the gold dawn”, president Chávez to Ortega responded to him, and also he asked to him the andinista leader who does not let itself deceive by the multilateral organisms, transnational companies and EE.UU.

“Taken care of the dagger”, it indicated Chávez, “in we ourself is the solution of our problems”.
The Venezuelan agent chief executive celebrated that they are the four countries of the region that already integrate the Dawn and said that it hopes that other nations in the future add themselves.

One response to “>Latin America File: Nicaragua joins Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas less than 24 hours after "ex"-communist dictator Ortega assumes presidency

  1. mah29001 January 12, 2007 at 5:16 pm

    >It’s no surprise that Commie Ortega has remained in politics of Nicaragua despite how the Contras managed to destablize his first term.I would also have to say that the National Endowment for Democracy certainly played its role with folks like Oliver North who are allege to be associates of the Council on Foreign Relations certainly played a role.If the Contras were militantly anti-Ortega, they would have had him kick the bucket by now. But instead the Contras and the Sandinistas have been intergrated into Nicaraguan politics and even the Communist Party of Nicaragua was involved with the Contras along with the Socialist Party.

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