>Latin America File: Chavez appoints communist to cabinet, Catholic hierarchy capitulates to red regime; 3,000 Cuban/Venezuelan troops in Bolivia?

>Buoyed by President Hugo Chavez’s victory at the polls in December, the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) is stepping into the limelight to consolidate “21st-century socialism” in the Bolivarian Republic. Following decades of communist infiltration, via liberation theology, the Catholic hierarchy throughout Latin America is also stepping forward to endorse the region’s neo-communist regimes. Just as the hierarchy is urging Nicaraguans to support “ex”-communist dictator and president-elect Daniel Ortega, it is exhorting Venezuelans to submit to the Bolivarian revolution. No doubt patriotic American Catholics must be grieved by the capitulation of their leaders to the false religion of communism.

David Velasquez, Venezuela’s new Minister of Popular Participation and Social Development and member of the PCV, is pictured here.

David Velásquez: First communist minister in Venezuelan Government
Saturday, 06 January 2007
Sources: RedGlobe News, Prensa Latina

Adjustments in the Venezuelan executive office by the President of the Republic Hugo Chavez mark a new presidential term which intend to consolidate a new socialism of the 21st century. Massive reshuffling of governmental positions mark serious intentions of carrying the country toward this goal, and several posts have been vacated from the National Assembly to fill the new cabinet. According to experts, the adjustments take place amid an agenda centered on three main issues: socialism, constitutional reform and the projected Venezuela s Socialist United Party.

The Venezuelan National Assembly announced the resignation of parliamentarians to assume posts in the cabinet of President Hugo Chavez.

Rodrigo Cabezas, president of the Permanent Finance Commission was appointed as Minister of Finances substituting Nelson Merentes, and deputy Rafael Isea as vice minister of that ministry. The new Minister of the Interior and Justice, Pedro Carreño, left his post as President of the Permanent Finance Commission to substitute Jesse Chacon. Deputy Tareck El Aisammi resigned from the vice presidency of the Permanent Commission of Family, Women and Youth and the presidency of the Youth Sub Committee to take on a post at the Interior and Justice Vice Ministry.

Jose Rivero Gonzalez was appointed Minister of Labor, resigning from the presidency of the sub commission of Mining and Basic Industry while a press report of the National Assembly also informed that Rafael Lacava will be named ambassador to Italy, leaving the presidency of the sub commission of the Political Sector of the Permanent Commission of Energy and Mining.

David Velasquez, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) and formerly president of the Permanent Commission of Citizen Participation, Decentralization and Regional Development was appointed Minister of Popular Participation and Social Development. A press note of the National Assembly informed that Luis Acuña is mentioned as Minister of Higher Education while Eric Rodriguez, vice president of the Permanent Commission of Education, Culture and Sports will be appointed Public Health Minister, according to the source.

Also mentioned in the cabinet changes is the designation of Dario Vivas, president of the Permanent Commission of Administration and Public Services, as Minister for Popular Economy. Another possible designation, according to the note is Hector Navarro, former Education Minister and former Andine Parliament president as Minister of Science and Technology.

During 2006 deputies who resigned their seats in Parliament to occupy ministerial posts are Nicolas Maduro (Foreign Affairs) Jose Salamat Khan (Basic Industries and Mining) and Pedro Morejon (Popular Economy).

The Venezuelan Bishops’ Conference’s capitulation to Chavismo ably demonstrates the Catholic-Communist convergence throughout much of the Third World. Notwithstanding attempts by the Vatican to oust progressive clergy from the Latin American Episcopal Conference, the current and previous popes (Benjamin XVI and John Paul II), as we documented in recent weeks, have urged Catholics and the world to accept communist concepts such as “social and economic justice” as well as world government ala the United Nations. Ubaldo Santana, President of the Venezuelan Bishops’ Conference, is pictured here. With respect to recent developments in Venezuela, the state-run Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias reports:

The church recognizes that Socialism of XXI Century would overcome the poverty of the country
ABN 08/01/2007

Caracas, Jan 08 ABN.- President of the Venezuelan Bishops’ Conference (CEV), Monsignor Ubaldo Santana, recognized that the Socialism of XXI Century would be an «efficient solution for the population who needs to overcome the neoliberal and capitalist scheme that have caused poverty in Venezuela and Latin America.»

Although he is worried about the «announcement made by President Chávez of conducting Venezuela through the course of the Socialism of XXI Century,» M. Santana underlined «we know that it is possible the compatibility between socialist regimes and democracy.»

«If fundamental values such as the human rights, the freedom of speech, the communication, the religion and others are respected, we think that socialism would be a good and efficient solution for the poverty,» said M. Santana in reference of the social-political proposal made by the Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

*Translated by Natalia González

In all fairness it should be noted that Rosalio Castillo Lara, Venezuela’s only cardinal, has crossed swords with President Chavez, accusing Comrade Hugo of leading the country into dictatorship. Bishop Santana, however, has adopted a conciliatory approach to the red regime in Caracas.

Unconfirmed Report: 3,000 Cuban/Venezuelan Troops in Bolivia

Meanwhile, Bolivarian Socialist Venezuela and Red Bolivia are cementing political-military linkages through the arrival of 30 Venezuelan troops in Bolivia to service the two “Superpuma” helicopters that Comrade Chavez is lending to President Evo Morales of Bolivia. In order to camouflage this linkage, Comrade Evo has accused the USA of covertly inserting its own special forces, disguised as tourists and students, into the land-locked South American republic. Reporting in June 2006 ABC News states: “Meanwhile, a former president Jorge Quiroga, a key opponent, accused Morales this week of compromising Bolivia’s sovereignty by inviting Venezuelan soldiers. It’s unclear how many Venezuelan troops are in Bolivia, but Venezuelan pilots have been ferrying Morales around the country for the past two weeks in two loaned military helicopters.”

An unconfirmed email report distributed on December 15, 2006 from Brazilian blogger Luís Afonso Assumpção (Swimming Against the Red Tide), asserts that there are 3,000 Cuban and Venezuelan troops in Bolivia. The report originally appeared at Chaviliarism.com.

Urgen Fri DEC 15, 2006 5:17 a.m. (PST) TO SPREAD URGENT

Urgent order of aid from BOLIVIA!

Today in the evening we have received triangulada communication of friends of Santa Cruz, Bolivia who ask for aid to spread this message. A general alert in Bolivia, individual in the East by the following thing exists:

A fort upsetting to the institutions on the part of the Executive authority the continuous arrival of troopses of Cuba and Venezuela (already there were contingents of both countries and between today by means of an airlift they have yesterday and arrived a total of the 3,000 Venezuelan military with its Cuban elements of control).

A blockade has prevailed to prevent the exit from the country to the nationals. A blockade has prevailed informative since the chains of the news do not spread what happens. A blockade to the international communications has prevailed.

Tomorrow it has been predicted for a time an Assembly of representatives of the 4 departments of East, to solve the attitude to assume as opposed to this series of threats against the institutions, like the Constitution and its reform eluding the necessary majorities, expropriations of earth and companies, etc. etc.

There is a threat of the national state to prevent the sessions by the force being appealed to foreign forces.

By all it the aid of all those is asked for that we defend the freedom and the institutions in America to denounce the situción and to massively spread the political reality of interference of American states in third which it would have to shoot to the reinsurance and international defenses and the urgent reaction of the countries of the region.

Please it spreads before it is late for the freedom in America.

5 responses to “>Latin America File: Chavez appoints communist to cabinet, Catholic hierarchy capitulates to red regime; 3,000 Cuban/Venezuelan troops in Bolivia?

  1. mah29001 January 8, 2007 at 5:17 pm

    >I wonder if the Carter Center is a KGB-FSB front group. Consider how friendly Jimmy Carter was toward Hugo Chavez as he is toward his mentor-Fidel Castro. I think the Carter Center because of its close associations with Chavez and Castro should be placed as a Communist front, particularly controlled by the KGB-FSB. And what’s more about the Carter Center is that it was involved in overseeing the Palestinian “elections” as well which placed Hamas in power and caused a “civil war” between the PLO-front Fatah and its counterparts in Hamas.I would also like for you to also go after Cindy Sheehan in her protests against GITMO at the same time, she ignores the Communist gulag of Cuba. Hmm, maybe Sheehan might take a photo with Chavez’s mentor-Castro on his soon-to-be-death bed or perhaps with Raul Castro who seeks to replace his brother.

  2. mah29001 January 8, 2007 at 5:18 pm

    >It’s also not a big surprise either to see the Vatican’s Venezuelan chapter being controlled by the KGB-FSB either.

  3. mah29001 January 8, 2007 at 5:48 pm

    >I would also would like for you to add the “pro-veteran” groups Sheehan collaborates with which include the Vietnam Veterans Against War, front for the Communist Party USA and the Communist Party of Vietnam consider the VVAW collaborated with the Vietnamese Communist leadership along with the Veterans for Peace, another front and the Iraq Veterans Against the War which collaborates with Sheehan’s group.I should also tell you of another Communist front group-United for Peace and Justice, front group for Communist Party USA and Communist Party of Cuba which collaborates closely with Cindy Sheehan and is suspected of funding Sheehan’s trip to Communist Cuba to protest GITMO. You might want to add those to the list of Communist fronts along with the Sothern Poverty Law Center which is quite protective of illegal immigrants at the same time, ignores the violent ones.

  4. mah29001 January 8, 2007 at 6:07 pm

    >You know Evo Morales’ insane comments, I wonder if his fellow comrades like Oleg Shenin are giving that shame “concern” when Western European families are planning to buy homes in Eastern Europe, those “former” Communist states?

  5. mah29001 January 9, 2007 at 6:36 pm

    >It’s really not a big surprise to hear reports of Cuban troops in Evo Morales’ Bolivia. The Communist Party of Cuba in plan black and white on wiki endorses the governments of Hugo Chavez, Lula da Silva and Evo Morales.Along with using the Vietnam Veterans Against War as a front group in collaboration with the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Communist Party USA. Along with one major front group-Veterans for Peace.The Communist Party of Cuba also has close relations with the New Black Panthers Party with folks like Charles Barron being members of it along with still being supportive of black radical Marxists like Angela Davis who runs Critical Resistance which is designed to protect Communist trained terrorists such as those in the Black Liberation Army or the May 19th Communist Movement.You might want to do a report on your blog on Assasta Shakur who was a member of the BLA now residing in Communist Cuba as an “honored guest” like Cindy Sheehan and her Gold Star Families for Peace.

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