>Latin America File: Region’s Red Axis leaders to attend inaugural ceremonies of "ex"-dictator Ortega and "new communist in the bloc" Correa

>Updated January 5, 2006

Peace, peace, and there is no peace. With the blessing of the Catholic hierarchy in Nicaragua, “ex”-communist dictator Comandante Ortega, will assume the office of the presidency on January 10. In the meanwhile, will Ortega’s former Interior Minister, FSLN stalwart and devout Maoist Tomás Borge Martínez, continue to supervise the flood of illegal immigrants and narcotics, ala Joseph Douglass’ Red Cocaine, into the USA? See Borge’s statement regarding former in this blogsite’s right column. Regarding the latter, Douglass writes:

Nicaragua’s participation in drug and narcotics trafficking into the United States sprang from Raul Castro’s [Fidel’s brother] meeting with Humberto Ortega [Daniel’s brother]. The narcotics operation itself was placed under the Nicaraguan intelligence service, with Tomas Borge, the Minister of Interior, and head of the intelligence service, in charge of the operation, and his deputy, Frederico Vaughan, the chief of staff of the operation (Atlanta: Clarion House, 1990; page 102).

In December Borge organized a pre-Christmas tribute concert for Comrade Fidel at the Nicaraguan School of Dance. Will Comrades Dan and Tom find time in their busy schedules to nip over to San Salvador for a celebratory toast at the latest meeting of Latin America’s hydra-headed communist bloc, the Sao Paulo Forum, to be held between January 12 and 16?

Don’t waste your time looking in the MSM for the answers to these and other questions related to the collapse of capitalism in the Western Hemisphere.

Taking of possession of Daniel Ortega, greater official act of last the 16 years in Nicaragua, according to organizers

TeleSUR _ 30/12/06 – More than 250 thousand people and at least twelve Chiefs of State, will attend the taking of possession of the elect president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, the 10 of next January, according to advanced to this Saturday the organizers of the act.

The ceremony, considered by the organizers, the greater official act made in the Central American nation in the last 16 years, will take place in the call Seat of the Faith, an ample esplanade to borders of the Lake of Managua or Xolotlán.

In agreement with the salient chancellor, Norman Caldera, will attend more delegations than in the three made hand overs of command from 1990 to date.

Between the presidents and Chiefs of State or of government whose presence has been confirmed, Boiler mentioned the Hugo Chavez Venezuelan, to Evo Morales, of Bolivia, and to the Mexican Felipe Calderón.

The attendance of all the Central American agent chief executives and the heir of the Spanish throne is also expected, Prince Felipe de Borbón.

The head of Public Security of the National, commissioned Police greater Marlon Montano, informed, on the other hand, that the ceremony will be watched over more than six thousand police.

Comrade Hugo and his Brazilian and Bolivian disciples, Lula and Evo, will attend “new communist in the bloc” Rafael Correa’s inauguration five days later. Chavez and Correa are pictured here.

Lula, Chávez, the Garci’as, Duarte and Morales confirmed attendance to investiture of Correa
Agency Bolivariana de Noticias (ABN)

Quito, 02 Ene. ABN.- Five South American leaders confirmed their attendance to the taking of possession of Rafael Correa like new president of Ecuador the 15 of next January, affirmed to east Tuesday the chancellor of that country, Francisco Carrión, disclosed Latin Press.

“Until now, presidents Luiz Inacio Lula ratified their presence in Quito gives Whistles (Brazil), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Alan Garci’a (Peru), Nicanor Duarte (Paraguay) and Evo Morales (Bolivia)”, emphasized Carrión in press conference.

It advanced that the government transition is made of a “very correct way, because is a democratic and serious process”.

Average of press international they announced in last days that also the agent chief executives Michelle Bachelet (Chile) and Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua) will be in the taking of possession of Strap, winner of the elections of last November.

Of 43 years of age, the elect Chief of State pronounced itself to exile of the country the prevailing neoliberal model, that during one decade caused the corruption and an increasing internal instability.

Its cabinet includes seven women, a newness in this nation.

The triumph of Strap arouses great expectations in the region, due to its position in favor of regional integration.

After his triumph in the second return of the elections, the elect dignitary undertook a tour by South America, that took it to Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Venezuela.

2 responses to “>Latin America File: Region’s Red Axis leaders to attend inaugural ceremonies of "ex"-dictator Ortega and "new communist in the bloc" Correa

  1. mah29001 January 7, 2007 at 7:19 pm

    >No surprise about Chavez and his cloning machine to clone mini-mes of himself via “democratic process”.

  2. mah29001 January 8, 2007 at 4:18 pm

    >You might also want to do something on Cindy Sheehan again. Looks like she just can’t stay out of the news. She is currently residing in Cuba as a “guest of honor” by Fidel Castro to protest GITMO’s existance. At the same time, Sheehan hardly pays attention to the Communist Cuban gulag.

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