>Red Terror File: Pro-Kremlin youth group Young Russia burns Estonian flag, denounces anti-Soviet law; Zhirinovsky brands Estonians "pro-Nazi"

>They [Young Russia] are behaving in the right way. They should bring it home somehow to the Estonian authorities that they have created an undemocratic regime, and are conducting a policy of open discrimination against Russians.
— Sergei Markov, Institute of Political Studies; quoted December 13, 2006

The hypocrisy of the Kremlin, as represented by the statement of Sergei Markov, a talking head from the Russian think tank mentioned above, is breathtaking. Russia’s crypto-communist politicians, such as KGB frontman Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and crypto-communist organizations, such as the “anti-fascist” youth organizations that cluster around the Kremlin–Nashi, Walking Together, Young Guard, and Young Russia–expose their true color when they fling words like “fascist” and “Nazi” at the Kremlin’s opponents. While not as obviously red as the country’s communist youth groups, the potemkin Russian “Right” is establishing a political climate conducive to the open resurgence of Soviet communism. Young Russia’s pro-Soviet sympathies are evident in some of the photos posted at its website.

Russian ombudsman sees no crime in Estonian flag-burning incident

MOSCOW, December 13 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s human rights commissioner said Wednesday he sees no criminality in a protest rally organized by a Russian youth movement near the Estonian Embassy in Moscow December 11, when Estonian national flags were burned.

Estonia sent Russia a diplomatic note of protest Tuesday after around 30 representatives of Young Russia protested against an anti-Soviet bill passed by Estonian lawmakers, burning Estonian flags and hanging an effigy of an Estonian soldier.

“I would not burn national flags of foreign states, but to be honest, I see no criminality in this case,” ombudsman Vladimir Lukin told RIA Novosti.

On November 30, the Estonian parliament approved a draft law introducing criminal responsibility for the public use and distribution of symbols pertaining to “occupation regimes,” which would include Soviet symbols.

The Russian protesters held banners reading “Liberator is not the same as invader” and “Estonian authorities – go to Nuremberg”, and set up a gallows with an effigy of an Estonian soldier dressed in Nazi uniform.

Estonia’s attitude to WWII, including officially-sanctioned marches of former Nazi SS fighters, have been strongly condemned by Moscow. Ultra-nationalist lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky has branded the Baltic country a “pro-Nazi state”, and called for diplomatic ties with Tallinn to be severed. The Russian leadership has repeatedly called the EU’s attention to Estonia’s attempts to glorify Nazi Germany, and to its discriminatory policies relating to ethnic Russians who moved to the republic following its annexation by the Soviet Union.

Under the new bill, drafted by the Estonian Justice Ministry, the demonstration and distribution of official symbols of the Soviet Union and its republics, as well as symbols of the German Nazi Party and SS troops, including easily-recognizable fragments of such symbols, will be considered attempts to incite hatred, and will incur criminal punishment.

The leader of Young Russia admitted that burning Estonian flags was excessive, and did not rule out that the activists will apologize.

“We are considering this, and will make a decision on the issue soon,” Maxim Mishchenko told RIA Novosti.

The human rights commissioner said he saw no violations of anyone’s rights in the events, but said he is against such actions.

However, the director of the Institute of Political Studies think tank, Sergei Markov, said: “They are behaving in the right way. They should bring it home somehow to the Estonian authorities that they have created an undemocratic regime, and are conducting a policy of open discrimination against Russians.”

Earlier Russia’s foreign minister said he considered the Estonian lawmakers’ decision to be a disgrace.

“I consider the Estonian government’s latest decision morally disgraceful, and it could engender fabricated political problems while real problems, including those of the Russian-speaking population, should be resolved there,” Sergei Lavrov said.

Mikhail Kamynin, official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, has already reacted to the bill, calling it outrageous.

“The Estonian authorities are continuing their disgraceful attempts to re-write history and equate Nazi crimes and the heroism of the Soviet people, who made a huge contribution to Europe’s liberation from Fascism,” he said earlier, adding that Estonia’s move could seriously damage bilateral relations.

The Baltic country was annexed by the Soviet Union in 1940, before World War II, and then re-conquered following the Nazi occupation of 1941-1944.

5 responses to “>Red Terror File: Pro-Kremlin youth group Young Russia burns Estonian flag, denounces anti-Soviet law; Zhirinovsky brands Estonians "pro-Nazi"

  1. mah29001 December 13, 2006 at 8:47 pm

    >Typical for Commies to be “anti-Nazi”. If they are so anti-Nazi, why is one or should I say at least three of their client states-Libya, Syria and Iran are quite friendly to some of the worse Western holocaust deniers which also includes Hutton Gibson, Mel Gibson’s father who has also attended the holocaust denial conference in Iran?I would love for you to take down those Faux Rightists and Lefties alike that are in Iran right now. There’s a Frontpagemag.com article on a Jewish Leftie who denies the holocaust also attendiing along with an anti-Zionist Jewish group funded by the PLO.

  2. mah29001 December 13, 2006 at 10:14 pm

    >I think this Oleg Shenin character is probably going to try to justify his reign through Hitlerian style democratic process to which Hugo Chavez is doing right now in Venezuela. I remember reading on the Daily Sundail, a Chavez-supporter blasting America as a “terrorist” state, the same fashion Shenin did.All of this propaganda simply justifies Shenin “re-establishing” the USSR.

  3. mah29001 December 13, 2006 at 10:33 pm

    >I think we can also say that Hutton’s son-Mel Gibson is also in the Faux Rightie camp since he praised the Leftie Michael Moore:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mel_GibsonHe also states that both Presidents Bush and Clinton are “controlled”, not be elements of the Soviet KGB to promote various policies such as Palestinian statehood for instance, but to suggest that the two Presidents were “somehow controlled” by the Jews. This simply reveals Mel to be a Faux Rightie.

  4. mah29001 December 14, 2006 at 3:08 am

    >Commies doing flag burnings. Hmm, wonder if their Islamist front groups like the Muslim Brotherhood are organizing these flag burnings in the Arab world against Israel and America along against the Danish.

  5. Jorein Versteege May 13, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    First of all Estonia was not a true free nation when Stalin invaded it. It just recovered after four years of authoritarian rule ( vaikiv ajastu ). The anticommunists say that the Baltic nation were free before the Soviets came. That is a lie, because Latvia and Lithuania were conservative-nationalist dictatorships. Estonia returned to parliamentary democracy in 1939, but it was not a free nation yet.

    All Baltic nations were capitalist states ( just like today ) their governments served those who owned the means of production. Stalinist Russia never gave power to the Baltic working class, but they did ended the private ownership of the means of production and the exploitation by the Baltic bourgeoisie!

    After the collapse of the USSR, right-wing anticommunists took power and branded Stalinism equal with Nazism. This is a great injustice, because Hitler would never tolerated a independent Baltic states. His would add Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to his Greater German Reich, just like Poland and Belarus!

    Nazism is antisemitic and racist, stalinism is not. Also Hitler was able to rule for only three years in the Baltic before he was driving out by the Red Army. Stalinism rule almost 50 years and they never killed millions in the Baltic.

    The Russians are wrong on the invasion, which they call a liberation. But the Baltic governments are wrong by saying that Stalin was a communist and that communism is just as evil as nazism. Communism never ruled the USSR and the Baltic nation were never workers states.

    Beside right-wing Estonians also burn Soviet and Russian flags. Russian Estonians have the right to burn the Estonian flag too. Burning flag is a right and both groups have the right to do so. That is freedom of speech.

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