>Red Terror File: Pro-Kremlin youth group Nashi harrasses British ambassador, steals diary with FSB connivance; Anglo-Russian relations bottom out

>Nashi’s links with the Kremlin are well enough known. Their leader has met with President Putin many times and one of his advisers was known to have been involved in its creation.
— Anthony Brenton, British ambassador to Russia; quoted in The Telegraph, December 13, 2006

In the wake of the Litvinenko assassination, which MI5, MI6, and Scotland Yard are openly attributing to the Russian Federation Federal Security Service, Anglo-Russian relations have sunk to their lowest level since the First Cold War (1945-1991). Now the Kremlin has dispatched one of its youth organizations to intimidate the British ambassador to Russia, accusing him of fascism for opposing President Putin and questioning the Kremlin’s commitment to democracy.

The “anti-facist” activities of Nashi only serve to bolster the “anti-fascist” front that the pro-Putin, crypto-Stalinist United Russia party formed earlier this year with the KGB-spawned Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and the Union of Right Forces, founded by “ex”-CPSU members. Pictured above is Comrade Czar Putin’s chief ideologist, Vladislav Surkov ala Che Guevara and Andy Warhol. This image was produced by Young Guard, another pro-Kremlin crypto-Komsomol that looks to Surkov for its ideological marching orders. Along with ex-Komsomol capitalist Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Surkov sat on the board of directors at Menatep, Yukos’ parent organization.

While the Putinist-Chekist-Surkovist-Gryzlovist clique appears to hold the reins of power in the Kremlin, its personal and ideological linkages with the restored/continuing Communist Party of the Soviet Union, which we have documented in this blogsite, suggest that the Russian “Right” is itself a “fascist” fiction that serves only to provide the CPSU with a pretext for reasserting open control over the Not-So-Former Soviet Union. Pictured here again is Surkov, presumably power networking with his Kremlin buds.

British Envoy Links Kremlin to Harassment Campaign Unleashed Against Him

Moscow News, 13.12.2006

Britain’s ambassador to Moscow directly linked the Kremlin to a campaign of harassment waged against him by an ultra-nationalist youth movement, Telegraph.co.uk reported Wednesday.

Anthony Brenton said he had been the victim of four months of co-ordinated intimidation by the Nashi youth movement, an organization that has pledged loyalty to President Vladimir Putin. “Nashi’s links with the Kremlin are well enough known,” he said. “Their leader has met with President Putin many times and one of his advisers was known to have been involved in its creation.

”Even if one were to accept that they are not directly controlled by the Kremlin, this level of influence suggests that the Kremlin could stop them if it wanted to.“ The movement has obtained copies of Brenton’s daily diary — something that could suggest the involvement of the FSB spy agency — and used it to trail the ambassador wherever he goes.

Nashi youths have staked out his home and the embassy. They follow him, block his car on occasions and disrupt meetings. At one lunch, heckling youths rocked his chair, raising fears that he would be assaulted.

Mr Brenton said he could not go shopping without facing a barrage of abuse. ”When I go out of the house to buy cat food, they follow me and start waving banners,“ he said.

Ostensibly at least, Nashi’s campaign stems from Mr Brenton’s attendance at a summit convened by Russia’s liberal opposition in July to protest the limits imposed on civil society by the Kremlin. Nashi says that Mr Brenton participated in a ”fascist meeting“ and promised to hound him until he apologized for attending.

Mr Brenton’s speech also infuriated Mr Putin. Britain, which has emerged as Russia’s fiercest critic within the European Union, has particularly irked the Kremlin. The Russian government’s reaction to repeated complaints over Nashi’s actions from the embassy revealed how low Britain’s stock has fallen, even before differences emerged following the murder of ex-KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko.

Although Russia is a signatory to the Vienna Protocols, which require host countries to ensure the safety of diplomats, the foreign ministry initially insisted that Nashi’s actions were ”not illegal“. Even when they later agreed to act, Nashi’s campaign has continued unabated.

Created last year largely by Vladislav Surkov, the deputy chief of the presidential staff, Nashi has become a useful tool for crushing dissent. Nashi youths have infiltrated opposition movements, beat-en up activists and held massive demonstrations.

Other tools have been used to target other British interests in Russia. The British Council in St Petersburg suffered repeated tax inspections earlier in the year and is now being threatened with closure by the fire safety department and the BBC’s Russia service has been taken off the air several times in the past year.

Russia’s problem with Britain essentially stems from court decisions granting political asylum to two of Putin’s least favorite people: Boris Berezovsky, the oligarch who helped bring the president to power but then turned against him, and Ahmed Zakayev, a Chechen rebel envoy.

Relations soured further this year when the Kremlin claimed that four British diplomats had used a transmitter hidden in a rock to spy on Russia and Mr Brenton challenged Putin’s democratic record.

4 responses to “>Red Terror File: Pro-Kremlin youth group Nashi harrasses British ambassador, steals diary with FSB connivance; Anglo-Russian relations bottom out

  1. mah29001 December 13, 2006 at 8:48 pm

    >No surprise there. I’m betting Putin’s cronies are doing everything they can to cover up their links with the murder of the KGB-FSB defector.As for this harrasment, this reminds me of Chavez sending his thuggery to harrass the U.S. ambassador who was simply taking a tour of Venezuela.

  2. mah29001 December 13, 2006 at 11:46 pm

    >Look how this pro-Putin youth group brandishes Putin on the lines as Che. Doesn’t anyone take any notice that Putin deep down is a dedicated Communist along with having the warnings of the author of New Lies for Old be proven mostly correct?

  3. mah29001 December 21, 2006 at 7:51 pm

    >Putin being painted on the lines of Che reminds me of John Kerry’s old days when he was involved in the Communist front-Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Now this group operates with Iraqi Veterans Against the War. Another Communist front.Kerry has also recently visited Syria to meet with the Baathist dictator-Assad along with Christopher Dodd. You might want to do an entry on that along with the Lebanonese Prime Minister taking a trip to Russia which can be found via MEMRI:http://www.memri.org/

  4. Alain December 31, 2006 at 7:46 pm

    >We see Nashi as an attempt to embeed the beliefs and influence of Putin into Russian society, once the Russian leader is no longer in power. We believe Nashi is not about Putin´s legacy, but about Putin´s continued power play after he leaves office. Furthermore, the emergence of Nashi has faint parallels to that of the German Youth Movement in Germany (Die deutsche Jugendbewegung) – also known as the Wandervogel. The Wandervogel started and re-estabalished itself as an educational-cultural renewal movement in 1896. Unfortunately, the movement was absobed by government influence during the second world war, giving rise to the Nazi Youth. http://www.darkmatterpolitics.com/

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