>Red Terror File: Controversy swirls around Litvinenko’s deathbed conversion to Islam and links to Chechen terrorists; little Muslim content in funeral

>The Northeast Intelligence Network, which acknowledges to some extent the intrigues of the Kremlin, rejects the contention that FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko’s former employer orchestrated his murder. Rather, NEIN director Douglas Hagmann holds to the theory that Litvinenko was facilitating the transfer of suitcase nukes, which use Polonium 210 triggers, from Russia to Chechen terrorists. In the process of coordinating one such transaction, the ex-FSB officer contaminated himself. Hagmann writes: “Could it have been, as rumors are now beginning to circulate, that Alexander Litvinenko might have been party to such dealings?”

Ex-spy buried as witness falls into coma
08 December 2006
By Neville Dean

THE funeral of the poisoned Russian former spy Alexander Litvinenko was held yesterday as it was claimed a key witness in the murder inquiry had fallen into a coma.

The former spy was laid to rest yesterday afternoon at Highgate Cemetery in north London.

However, the burial service was overshadowed by an unscheduled interruption by an Islamic imam.

This was specifically against the wishes of Mr Litvinenko’s widow.

The burial service was supposed to be a strictly non-denominational ceremony.

After Mr Litvinenko’s father had spoken at his graveside, an Islamic associate of his Chechen friend Ahmed Zakayev interrupted and said a Muslim prayer.

Alex Goldfarb, one of the former spy’s closest friends, described it as an unfortunate detraction and said it was yet another thing Mr Litvinenko’s wife Marina had had to deal with.

It followed controversy over whether Mr Litvinenko had converted to Islam on his deathbed.

Mr Litvinenko’s father Walter said earlier this week that his son had requested before his death to be buried according to Muslim tradition.

However, his closest friends say they have “strong reservations” about this.

In another development last night, it was disclosed that all seven staff who were working at the Pine Bar of the Millennium Hotel — where Mr Litvinenko had a meeting on the day he fell ill — had tested positive for low levels of radiation.

Prof Pat Troop, chief executive of the Health Protection Agency, said there were no short-term risks, but there was a “very small” increased long-term risk of cancer.

Following the results, the HPA will offer urine tests to more than 200 other people who were in the bar on that day, November 1, which is when Mr Litvinenko was first taken ill.

It was claimed last night that the Russian businessman Dmitry Kovtun, who met the former spy on the day he was allegedly poisoned in London, was critically ill. A Russian news agency claimed Mr Kovtun had fallen into a coma immediately after being questioned by Russian investigators and Scotland Yard detectives.

“By the doctors’ diagnosis, Kovtun’s condition is critical,” Interfax said.

Mr Kovtun is said to have met Mr Litvinenko at the Millennium Hotel in Grosvenor Square on November 1, together with his business associate Andrei Lugovoi, another key witness in the case.

Earlier yesterday, Russian prosecutors released a statement saying that Mr Kovtun had “developed an illness also connected with the radioactive nuclide (substance).”

Mr Kovtun had not previously been reported to have fallen ill.

It was the latest dramatic twist in the Litvinenko investigation.

2 responses to “>Red Terror File: Controversy swirls around Litvinenko’s deathbed conversion to Islam and links to Chechen terrorists; little Muslim content in funeral

  1. mah29001 December 8, 2006 at 11:31 pm

    >These Chechen types are really being aided by the Chechen Mafia and even those Chechen Mafia types are linked with members of the Russian Mafia who are playing a double game with them. I would have to say that the Russian Mafia allied with the KGB-FSB used elements of the Chechen Mafia to probably do in Litvinenko.After all, why would the Russian investigators even warn members of the Chechen mafia not to eat anything? Either that’s a threat or that’s a code term telling their boys what to do.

  2. mah29001 December 9, 2006 at 1:16 am

    >As for Litvinenko’s conversion to Islam on his deathbed, I would have to say that most Muslims do not adhere to the Communist ideology. But Communism is being introduced into the Arab World under the guise of Islamic Fundelmentalism to which the Muslim Brotherhood which collaborates with Middle Eastern Communist parties promotes.Even the Muslim Brotherhood’s youth wing-Muslim Student Association openly collaborates with Communist fronts like Refuse and Resist.

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