>Africa File: South African Communist Party dominates ministerial portfolios; 1992 video shows Mandela and Kasrils chanting death to whites

>Nelson Mandela’s comrade-in-arms Ronnie Kasrils, Minister of Intelligence, is only one of many members of the South African Communist Party who hold important posts in the government of that country. The African National Congress is little more than a front for the SACP.

In addition to Kasrils, other ANC/SACP members with ministerial portfolios include: Nozizwe Madlala Routledge, Deputy Minister of Health; Malusi Gigaba, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs; Mlueki George, Deputy Minister of Defense; Rob Davies, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry; Geraldine Fraser Moleketi, Minister of Public Service and Administration; Essop Pahad, Minister in the Presidency, speechwriter for President Mbeki; Jeff Radebe, Minister of Transport; Sydney Mufamadi, Minister of Provincial and Local Government; Jeremy Cronin, Chair of parliament’s Standing Committee on Transport; Charles Nqakula, Minister of Safety and Security; and Raymond Mhlaba, High Commissioner to Uganda and Rwanda.

Although President Thabo Mbeki is not known to be a member of the SACP, he is a self-proclaimed Marxist. His father Govan held dual membership in the ANC/SACP. Mandela is not known to have held membership in the SACP, but he was a self-avowed communist and wrote the tract: “How to Be a Good Communist.”

The video mentioned in the article below can be accessed in this blogsite’s Multimedia Section (right column).

Nelson Mandela Singing About Killing Whites

November 26, 2006

A short film showing former South African president Nelson Mandela singing about killing whites has recently been made available on the web by the organisation African Crisis.

The film, which was shot in 1992, shows Nelson Mandela together with members of the ANC, the ANC’s military fraction the Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) and the South African Communist Party singing a war song of how they have pledged to kill the white inhabitants of the country.

The song is mainly performed in Xhosa, the language spoken by the African tribe to which Mandela and the majority of the ANC belong. To the right of Mandela in the picture stands the present South African Minister of Intelligence, Ronnie Kasrils, who is among the first to clench his fist in a so-called black power salute during the song.

”We the members of M.K…”

”… have pledged ourselves…”

”… to kill them…”

”… the ama-bhulu (Eng. the whites.)”

The second part of the film shows how women and children, all members of the ANC, are singing the same song during a political meeting.

Fuelling the masses with war songs is common in Africa. It was used for example in former Rhodesia, presently Zimbabwe, where they were called ”Chimurenga” (Eng. war songs).

Former leader of the ANC Youth League, Peter Mokaba, was a major driving force behind the agitation among blacks against whites in South Africa, using songs that encouraged the murdering of whites. Mokaba, also a former South African Environmental and Tourist Minister, was one of the most energetic song and dance leaders during the meetings held by the ANC prior to the elections in 1994 where slogans like ”Kill the Farmer!” and ”Kill the Boer!” were chanted openly:

“Hamba kahle mkhonto we Sizwe, Tihna Abantu bomkhonto Sizimisele Ukuwa bulala woma lamabunu”
– We members of Umkhonto are prepared to kill all the Boers.

“Khwela phezukwendlu Ubutshele umanishaya Ibhunu umama vyajabula”
– Get on the roof and tell them that when I hit the Boer, my mother becomes happy.

”Amabhunu ahlupha abazali Ekhaya bathi ziphi Izingane zabo Sizbashaya nge Nge bazooka”
– Whites and Boers are troubling our parents at home: we are going to hit them with our Ak-47’s and bazookas.

Though he later on maintained that the songs were just a sort of ”campfire songs”, these statements by Peter Mokaba made during a meeting with black students, published in The Johannesburg Star on the 25th of April in 1993, tell a different story:

– They are complaining that in our songs, in our chants, we have been saying ”Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer.” I repeat: ”Kill the Boer, the Farmer, Kill the Boer, the Farmer. Shoot to kill – nyamazano” (Eng. the prey).

– Whether they like it or not, this is our chant. This is our song. This is our tradition. This is our culture, whether they like it or not…

Songs encouraging the killing of South Africa’s white farmers, of which almost 2000 have been murdered by blacks since the ANC took over power in 1994, are still common in South Africa. Even the president of the country, Thabo Mkebi, has been witnessed when taking part in these dances and songs.

During the trial earlier this year against South Africa’s then vice president Jacob Zuma, who was charged with rape but acquitted, crowds of blacks were singing Zuma’s personal favourite song ”My Machine Gun” outside the courthouse.

Zuma is generally considered to have the biggest chances of becoming South Africa’s next president.

Black woman starts to dance outside the courthouse where Zuma’s trial is being held.

The dancing woman pretends to fire her machine gun.

Cartoon depicting Jacob Zuma singing and dancing to his favourite song ”My Machine Gun”.

5 responses to “>Africa File: South African Communist Party dominates ministerial portfolios; 1992 video shows Mandela and Kasrils chanting death to whites

  1. mah29001 December 8, 2006 at 10:18 pm

    >No surprise there. The South African Communist Party and the ANC are linked with Libya. Libya and Cuba to which both of them have been responsible in installing the ANC regime to power.Heck, Libya doesn’t just support the black radicals like those of the ANC or their fellow comrades in the South African Communist Party, Libya harbors some of the worse neo-Nazi/neo-Fascist Western leaders such as David Duke or the leadership of the Canadian Heritage Front and even the British National Party whose chairman met with Duke in Libya.Libya has also said to ship weapons to the Irish Republican Army and has links with the Italian and Irish Mafia circles.

  2. mah29001 December 8, 2006 at 11:53 pm

    >I also think that both the Black Power and White Power Movements are certainly controlled by the Communist intelligence networks consider how much the neo-Nazi types praise the Iranian President whose a friend of Hugo Chavez and that Chavez states he would defend Iran over its nuke program.Cuba as well is involved in supporting the minority ethnocentric movements as I have stated before the Black Power Movement along with the Chicano-Hispanic Power movement and the Native American Movement. That’s why I was concern of someone like this fellow Charles Barron who praises not just Chavez but also Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

  3. mah29001 December 9, 2006 at 12:30 am

    >I’m curious to know if you could add a Red-Brown File on your blog? You know, because I heard of someone like Noam Chomsky defending neo-Nazi types in the Institute for Historical Review and Chomsky himself is a big backer of the Communist ANC and their fellow comrades in the South African Communist Party.There’s also an on-line book of Chomsky’s sympathy for neo-Nazi types. Just type Chomsky and neo-Nazis in Google and search from there.

  4. mah29001 December 21, 2006 at 3:41 am

    >I should also tell you how much white racists such as the neo-Nazi Faux Rightists such as Aryan Nations love Putin:http://www.aryan-nations.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3561Along with the Faux Rightist Jew Watch shows off its pro-Putin attitude:http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-atrocities-nuclear-blackmail-sampson-plan-israel.htmlhttp://www.jewwatch.com/jew-occupiedgovernments-CIS-oligarchs.htmlI am planning to go after the Faux Rightist moron who runs Jew Watch by profiling him along with some other fellows such as Bushwatch.com again on how America is being a “Fascist” government being “run” by Jews like me. Even though President Bush is the most advert supporter of a Palestinian state continuing Clinton’s failed policies.It really shows how much hatred Communists in the ANC have for Jews when people like Mandela endorse the PLO along with allying themselves with Faux Rightist white racists when they’re doing so. SA under the ANC also aligns itself with Iran and Iran has recently held holocaust denial conference where these Faux Rightist holocaust denial types were warmly greeted by the Iranian leadership.

  5. Nikita January 20, 2009 at 10:30 pm

    >Well, why do you guys think that SA fought the borders with the border war that was going on for 23 years! Youtube videos…have a look what our SA Defence Force did..and wonder how much the world know about that… I can say a lot more here…find the facts!

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