>USSR2 File: Stalinists at Soviet Belarus forum list "counter-revolutionaries" and "Western puppets" to be executed when restored CPSU assumes control

>Within the last several weeks, Stalinists at the Soviet Belarus forum have revealed what appears to be a very likely scenario for a communist putsch in Moscow between now and Russia’s 2008 presidential election. Oleg Shenin, August 1991 coup plotter and chair of the restored Communist Party of the Soviet Union, announced his intention in August of this year to run in that election. In view of the CPSU’s objective–as published in party documents since 2004–to overthrow the Putinist regime, do not be surprised if the “ex”-communists below are in fact liquidated during the 2007-2008 political season in Russia. We highlight in red those persons who have survived communist- or FSB-orchestrated assassination attempts at various times since the “collapse” of the Soviet Union.

It is interesting to note that some of the oligarchs below are Jewish. Although the Bolshevik Party cynically welcomed the involvement of Russian Jews such as Leon Trotsky in the early decades of the Soviet Union, for the most part, communists excel the Nazis in their genocidal opposition to Zionism and Israel.


ENEMY #1 Mikhail Gorbachev, last Soviet President

ENEMY #2 Boris Yeltsin, presided over dismantling of Soviet Union

ENEMY #3 Stanislav Shushkevich, presided over dismantling of Soviet Union

ENEMY #5 Alexander Milinkevich, Belarusian opposition politician

ENEMY #4 Leonid Kravchuk, presided over dismantling of Soviet Union

ENEMY #6 Alexander Kozulin, Belarusian opposition politician

ENEMY #8 Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukrainian oligarch (accused of being Jewish)

ENEMY #7 Viktor Yushchenko, Ukrainian politician

ENEMY #9 Mikhail Sakaashvili, Georgian politician

ENEMY #10 Anatoly Chubais, Russian oligarch, Jewish

ENEMY #11 Yegor Gaidar, former acting prime minister of Russia, Jewish

ENEMY #12 Alexander Yakolev, “Godfather of Glasnost” and Gorbachev ally

ENEMY #13 Eduard Shevernadze, Georgian politician and Gorbachev ally

ENEMY #14 Boris Berezovsky, Russian oligarch, Jewish

ENEMY #15 Vladimir Gusinsky, Russian oligarch, Jewish

ENEMY #16 Roman Abramovich, Russian oligarch, Jewish

The Soviet Belarus forum introduces itself in the following manner:

This group is dedicated to the defense of the Byelorussian people’s right to self determination of their political and social course of development.

We strongly support the resolve of Belarus to remain loyal to the ideals of Soviet Socialism during this dark period of temporary occupation of the USSR by the Western imperialists.

Communists and Socialists who support comrade Lukashenko and the Soviet system in Belarus, and oppose the establishment of the “Globalism” of the Western imperialists are welcome to join our group. Non-Communists/Socialists who are interested in learning the truth about what is going on in Belarus are also welcome.

The Soviet Belarus forum is linked to the website of the Toronto-based International Council of Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People, which serves as the CPSU’s primary propaganda center in North America. On November 27, the forum moderator offered the following three-stage battle plan in the event that Comrade Shenin wins the 2008 election: 1) the CPSU must first pretend to be social democratic for several months to fool the West, 2) install communists in all key positions, 3) arrest and execute all counter-revolutionaries, and 4) seize total power.


Comrade Gosha made a number of excellent points in his post and I would agree that we should pursue a discussion on what strategy to pursue in the event of a Communist presidential victory at the polls.

I believe the following outline is a rough example of a basic strategy that could be utilized in the event of a Communist presidential victory in the Russian Federation.


a. The President calls for reconciliation of all political parties in order to “heal wounds” and “work together” for the betterment of the Russian nation.

b. The President makes overtures to the US and EU in the name of peace and cooperation ala Gorbachev.

c. Absolutely no provocative or revolutionary pronouncements are issued from the Kremlin.

d. The President plays the role of the “Communist turned wussy Social Democrat.”



While the country and the West are trying to figure out where the revolutionaries went, the President and his inner circle will quietly:

a. Replace the Defense Minister and top echelons of the officers’ corps with loyal Soviet military men.

b. Replace the head of the FSB (former KGB) and top ranking officers with loyal Soviets.

c. Replace the heads and top ranking officers of local militias (police departments) with Communists.

d. Dismiss the regional governors and replace them with loyal Partymen. (Correct me if I’m wrong, but I understand that the regional governors are now appointed by the President, not elected.)

e. Put Communists in key positions in the state controlled television and radio sector.

f. Target the most influential oligarchs and their “security” forces.


Without ANY warning or fanfare, on a pre-arranged date the President will:

a. Declare Martial Law.

b. Simultaneously arrest the entire Duma (Parliament), the heads of all political parties, the former top ranking officers of the military and FSB, and the targeted oligarchs and their gangs.

c. Any resistance is met with immediate summary execution.

d. Any street demonstrations result in the immediate summary executions of ALL persons arrested after the declaration of Martial Law. This MUST be communicated to the public LOUD and CLEAR!

e. In Moscow and St. Petersburg (Leningrad) the barricading and defense of key government buildings, railways, airports, communications centers, etc.

f. That evening on prime time television the President will announce the reformation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics while television viewers watch the RED FLAG with HAMMER & SICKLE raised above the Kremlin.

It probably sounds to many of you like I’ve been hallucinating or breaking into the vodka supply. But, anyone who was there will tell you, for all intents and purposes, MY SCENARIO IS VERY SIMILAR TO THE WAY THEY BROUGHT US DOWN!!!

This sounds revisionist, but the presidential election has to be won first. Then comes the revolution! They have too much firepower between the military, FSB, OMON, local gendarmes, etc. Once those are quietly put under our control the ball game is over!

The tone of the official documents of the restored CPSU and its youth wing, the Red Youth Vanguard–which we have republished at this blogsite–leads one to believe that the scenario for a “Second Bolshevik Revolution,” painted by the moderator of the Soviet Belarus forum, closely represents the intentions of Soviet communists today. Barring divine intervention, KGB defector Anatoly Golitsyn’s warnings about the fraudulent collapse of communism in Russia and her satellite states will very shortly come full circle.

Please see our November 29 blog in which we consider the possibility that the CPSU is preparing for a coup d’etat in Russia.

3 responses to “>USSR2 File: Stalinists at Soviet Belarus forum list "counter-revolutionaries" and "Western puppets" to be executed when restored CPSU assumes control

  1. mah29001 December 7, 2006 at 12:22 am

    >Suddenly after watching the Simpsons making fun of the return of the USSR and the actual events happening, it should be no laughing joke.

  2. mah29001 December 7, 2006 at 12:43 am

    >This also reminds me of all the times Communist tyrants like Mao or Stalin had a gathering of their followers and gave them “loyalty tests” to see who was loyal and who wasn’t. Even if any members of their circles asked the wrong questions too many times, well, they would have to say their greetings to the Reaper.

  3. mah29001 December 7, 2006 at 2:17 am

    >Isn’t it also not that surprising to find that the man accused of allegely posioning the late KGB-FSB defector is mention in the “peace” movement to being “responsible” for it and the Communists have him on one of their hit lists?Hmm, just who is manufacturing these conspiracy theories?

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