>Final Phase Backgrounder: First Secretary of the Belarus section of the continuing CPSU affirms existence of the Soviet Union in 2006

>In The Perestroika Deception (London: Edward Harle, 1995, 1998), KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn writes of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s public abandonment of the monopoly of power in 1991: “Although the end of the Party’s monopoly is proclaimed, the Party apparatus remains in being and is still run mainly by the same old-timers [Oleg Shenin, Gennady Zyuganov, et al]. The Party apparatus, though less visible, will continue to provide guidance to Party members in the reformed institutions. The Party not only retains a vast organization, but has long experience, including periods of illegal operation under the Tsarist regime and in those territories which fell under German occupation in the Second World War. It will have no difficulty in adjusting to the environment of a fictional ‘multi-Party system’ which in practice it and the strategists will control” (page 206).

The legal basis for the continued existence, or restoration, of the USSR rests on the 1922 Treaty on the Creation of the USSR, originally signed by the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, the Transcaucasian Socialist Federated Soviet Republic, and the Byelorussian and Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republics. According to both Leonid Shkolnikov, First Secretary of the Belarus Section of the continuing CPSU, and Oleg Shenin, Chair of the continuing CPSU and supporter of the August 1991 “hardline” communist coup, the founding document of the USSR remains legally in force. Even though the other coup plotters and supporters are on the same team as Mike (“I’ll Always Be a Communist”) Gorbachev and the other “reform” communists, to this day the Stalinists in the continuing CPSU reject the treaty’s public termination on Christmas Day, 1991, which paved the way for the USSR2, the Commonwealth of Independent States. Shkolnikov’s comments below were delivered at the 15th International Communist Seminar (ICS), sponsored by the International Communist Movement and the Workers’ Party of Belgium in May 2006:

All of this means that the USSR continues to exist not just de-facto as a real remaining economic unity, as a united territory of all the Soviet people, as a fact of undying self-consciousness of the Soviet people with their mutual language of communication – Russian and with the Soviet socialist mentality, but also de-jure. It would be sufficient just to rebuild its state structures, by overcoming the bourgeois delusions and by coming back to the socialist path of development.

Under conditions of stabilization of the bourgeois power it will be extremely difficult to achieve, but the Soviet people under the leadership of a single, united and truly Leninist Bolshevik Communist party of the Soviet Union should be able to do that – for the sake of his own future as well as for the future of the whole planet.

Link: International Communist Movement

In this blogsite we alternately refer to the “restored” or “continuing” CPSU and the “restored” or “continuing” Soviet Union, as if the status of these political entities is uncertain. On the one hand, the CPSU and the Soviet Union never ceased to exist in 1991, both maintaining a phantom-like existence during the period of perestroika, or “restructuring,” which extended well into Western Europe with the advance of the European Union, Global Green Gorby’s “New European Soviet.” In that sense, both the CPSU and the Soviet Union are “continuing.” On the other hand, the reemergence of the CPSU, which occurred in 2004 with little notice in the West, and the reemergence of the Soviet Union, which is the main objective of the continuing CPSU, permits one to speak of a “restored” CPSU and a “restored” Soviet Union that dispenses with the charade of the Commonwealth of “Independent” States.

Delegates to the 15th ICS, of which the CPSU is a member, are pictured above. Western communists, as can be seen, are very much aware of the “continuing/restored” CPSU and its plans to resurrect the new/old Soviet Union. The inhabitants of the West have been profoundly deceived by the last 15 years of history.

One response to “>Final Phase Backgrounder: First Secretary of the Belarus section of the continuing CPSU affirms existence of the Soviet Union in 2006

  1. mah29001 September 5, 2006 at 4:22 pm

    >I always shake my head whenever people suggest Communism is no longer a threat or is dead. Even when the words of the horse’s mouth from the Communists themselves state otherwise.Everyone is going to pay a high price for not seeing the threat of Communism along with other radical revolutionary elements they control and dominant.

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