>Asia File: Nepalese monarchy capitulates to Maoist insurgents; party documents reveal plan to dominate interim government

>In June 2006 the Nepalese monarchy capitulated to the decade-old Maoist insurgency in that country by admitting the rebels into an interim government to be assembled by April 2007. Maoist chairman Prachanda, pictured at left in propaganda poster, has given no assurances that the rebels will disarm. A draft constitution produced by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), moreover, reveals the party’s plan to dominate that government by occupying one third of the seats in the Constituent Assembly, as well as exercising an influence in the selection of another third of the assembly’s representatives:

Therefore, we sovereign Nepalese people, through a broad national political convention of the democratic revolutionary forces, hereby annul the existing Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal 1990 and promulgate and enforce the Interim Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal 2006 for the period until another democratic constitution is created through an elected Constituent Assembly with proportionate and inclusive representation of all classes, nationalities, regions, gender and communities.

Part 4: Interim Legislature

3. The broad National Political Convention shall constitute an Interim Legislature as follows:

a) One third representatives from the Seven Political Parties, totalling 101

b) One third representatives from the CPN (Maoist), totalling 101

c) One third representatives from civil society, professional organizations and special personalities of the country who participated in the Democratic Movement, totaling 101. Their selection shall be made through mutual understanding between the Seven Political Parties and the CPN (Maoist).

While selecting representatives, attention shall have to be given to proper inclusion of class, nationalities, regions, gender and other communities.

In this way, the total number of members in the Interim Legislature shall be 303.

Link: Maoist Information Bulletin

The solidarity between the insurgents of the CPN(M) and the Communist Party of India (Maoist), which controls one quarter of territory in India, demonstrates that the second most populous country in the world is ripe for the communist axe. Don’t expect the MSM to discuss the ramifications of the fall of Nepal to neo-communism for the Indian subcontinent. In the communique below, found at the same link as above, the two parties expressly deny any fundamental division in ideology or intent:

The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and the Communist Party of India (Maoist) jointly re-assert their firm commitment to proletarian internationalism, mutual fraternal relations, on the basis of MLM. All tactical questions are being adopted in the respective countries are the sole concern of the parties operating there. Both parties will seek to learn from the positive experiences of the other party as also the experiences of the Maoists who comprise the ICM.

While doing so we shall continue debates on ideological, political and strategic issues on which we differ in the true democratic traditions of the international communist movement. These debates and discussions will take place bilaterally and occasionally, publicly. Such differences are inevitable as struggles in the sphere of ideas are inevitable in a class society, which, as Engel’s said, is a reflection of the class struggle in society.

Lately a section of the media has tried to blow out of proportion differences that have been expressed by the two parties publicly. It is in the interests of the reactionaries that Maoists divide and split continuously. It is then no wonder that a section of the media has sought to exaggerate the differences in India and Nepal.

The two parties once again re-assert their firm unity in the spirit of proletarian internationalism while continuing healthy debates and discussions on issues on which we differ.

One response to “>Asia File: Nepalese monarchy capitulates to Maoist insurgents; party documents reveal plan to dominate interim government

  1. mah29001 August 29, 2006 at 7:16 pm

    >I’m glad there are people whom agree with my assessments about the dangers of Communism. I have also done a profile on the Nepalese Communist Party and their horrible and evil leader:http://againstcommies009.blogspot.com/I suspect China is secretly training many of these Communist groups in Asia. From the Nepalese Communists to the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers to the Naxalites of India. It’s all about dismantling and destablizing the region making it ripe for China to invade those nations and install those Communist tyrants in power.I have also done profiles about European Communist parties such as France and Germany ones. The German Communist Party includes how disinformation and Communist exploitation of the Reichstag fire incident is now being used by the 9/11 “Truth” movement which is trying to use that same method to paint the current American administration on those lines.As for the French Communist Party, that Communist party took part in controlling the French Resistance along with supporting the Algerian “independence” movement. What is so sad about this is that their masters in Moscow were arming and training the military of Nazi Germany even prior to the Nazis’ rise and even during. Very sad.

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