>Latin America File: Obrador’s supporters paralyze Mexico City, protest presidential election results

>Sorry loser leftists worldwide throw fits and threaten revolution whenever their campaigns of fraud and intimidation fail to secure elections. Mexican crypto-communist Obrador and his lackies are no different. Be assured, the neo-communist regime in Caracas and the paleo-communist regime in Havana are closely watching the fortunes of Obrador’s Alliance for the Good of All, which includes the Party of the Democratic Revolution.

In the picture here Obrador supporters camp outside the stock exchange in Mexico City.

More protests hinge on recount decision in Mexico election
By Christina Hoag

Saturday, August 5, 2006 – Page updated at 12:00 AM
McClatchy Newspapers

MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s electoral tribunal is expected to rule this weekend on whether it will order a recount of the close presidential election that apparent loser Andrés Manuel López Obrador says was marred by fraud.

The tribunal’s announcement Friday cast a pall of trepidation over the capital city, where several thousand López Obrador followers have blockaded a main thoroughfare with tents since Sunday to pressure the court to make a prompt decision.

The ruling by the seven magistrates who make up the tribunal will determine whether the National Action Party’s Felipe Calderón will uphold the victory he claimed after the July 2 vote or whether a partial or complete recount must begin.

Calderón won the initial count by 244,000 votes, less than a percentage point, and he contends that the election was free and fair. López Obrador maintains that in 173 of 300 voting districts, the balloting was riddled with fraud and tabulation errors.

At stake is not just Mexico’s presidency, but also the possibility of wider protests by López Obrador’s supporters.

This week’s action caused major traffic gridlock, millions of pesos in losses for businesses and headaches for residents. But as officials of Lopez Obrador’s leftist Revolutionary Democratic Party met Friday night to strategize, some predicted more serious action, including blockades of highways, bridges, ports, airports and government buildings.

In a speech Thursday night to his supporters at the Zocalo, Mexico City’s historic square, where he has slept in a tent this week, López Obrador said he didn’t advocate violence but asserted that he’ll accept nothing less than a full recount.

“If the vote-by-vote recount is not accepted, we are not going to allow a spurious president,” he said. “Mexico does not deserve that. Our country does not deserve to be governed by a president without moral and political authority.”

President Vicente Fox exhorted citizens Friday to respect the rule of law. “Mexico is and must continue to be a plural country, a tolerant country,” he said. On Thursday, in an apparent reference to López Obrador, he said the law wasn’t a “custom-made suit.”

The tribunal, which has received reams of documents supporting both contentions, could agree to re-tally the contested ballots, all the ballots, some of the ballots or leave the count as is.

Supporters of López Obrador, who have come from across Mexico to sleep in the street the past six nights, enduring a freak hailstorm and torrential rain, said they were prepared to remain if the tribunal didn’t agree with their candidate.

“We’re sure there was fraud,” said Maricruz Velásquez, sprinkling scarlet sawdust on the ground to spell out the recount campaign’s slogan, “Vote by Vote.” A chant of “people united will never be defeated” sounded nearby. “We’re staying here however long it takes,” Velásquez said. “This is an important struggle.”

Link: The Seattle Times

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