>USSR 2 File: Finnish media: Russia expands border zone around Federation

>War prep? Border security in the USSR2 has since 2003, per Presidential Edict No. 960, signed by Comrade Czar Vladimir (“There’s No Such Thing as a Former KGB Man”) Putin, been under the direct control of the Federal Security Service.

Russia expanding border zone: Finnish daily
4.8.2006 at 9:05

Russia is currently significantly expanding its border zones all over the Federation, also on its border with Finland, the national daily Helsingin Sanomat reported in its Friday edition.

The border zone on the Russian border with Finland has so far been around 5 kilometres in width but is now being significantly widened all along the border. The new border zone can be up to 25 kilometres wide in Lapland, or an average of 10 kilometres wide on the Karelian Isthmus in the south, according to Moscow based papers.

Brigadier General Mikko Kirjavainen from the Finnish Border Guard said that Russia has not told Finland officially about changes to the border zone. Its practical consequences are also unclear but the Border Guard is currently gathering information about the new zone from different sources.

“This matter is so new to us too that we have not marked the limits of the new Russia border zone on our maps yet,” Gen Kirjavainen told Helsingin Sanomat.

Finland is currently decreasing the width of its own border zone on the Russian border in order to ease the life of local residents.

Link: NewsRoom Finland

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