>Communist Bloc Military Updates: Top-level Chinese military delegation visits Cuba

>One wonders if Peng will visit China’s electronic spy bases in Cuba?

Shortly after the 911 terror attacks on the USA, Comrade Czar Putin made a big deal about closing down the Soviet electronic spy base in Lourdes (pictured above), which monitored all civilian and military air traffic over North America and which was set up after the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. Was Putin covering his tracks? The 911 skyjackers were in need of some pretty serious coordinated electronic support in order to bypass NORAD’s airspace surveillance system. Alexandr Nemets and Thomas Torda write in “Cuba’s Lourdes Radar Base, Terrorist Mohamed Atta and the Kremlin” (NewsMax.com, December 20, 2001):

The following conclusions are clear: Information needed to carry out the 9-11 attacks went from the Lourdes center, via Cuban secret agents in Miami, to Atta and other members of his suicide squad. This became the decisive factor in the successful realization of the 9-11 strikes. The Kremlin knew in advance of this horrific plot and blessed the operation. Tehran also knew everything in advance – from its agents in al-Qaeda and from Castro himself.

Be assured, the USSR’s intelligence gathering capabilities in North America were in no way reduced by pulling out of Lourdes since their strategic partner, the People’s Republic of China, maintains their listening posts too at Bejucal and Santiago de Cuba.

Chinese Military Reps in Cuba
Havana, Mar 8 (Prensa Latina)

A top-level Chinese military delegation, led by Lieutenant General Peng Xiaofeng, political commissary of the People´s Liberation Army, has been visiting Cuba since March 4, Granma newspaper reports Wednesday.

Peng and his accompanying group held talks with Cuban officials in an atmosphere of fraternity and cooperation, and expressed satisfaction with visiting the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces Ministry and the island’s people, the daily adds.

The Chinese military delegation’s agenda includes visiting military schools and units and meeting with chiefs, officials and teaching staffs. Their aim is to learn more on the political-ideological work of Cuban combatants.

The Chinese People´s Liberation Army delegation has already visited the Jose Marti Memorial and other Cuban sites of historic and cultural interest.


Link: Prensa Latina

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